Monday, September 1, 2014

As August ends

  As August ends, I know that fall is getting near.  I really enjoy each seasonal change.  I especially love each new beginning.  August feels like it was full because I crammed so much into the days.  There was the computer re-build, as well as a lot of doll quilt shows.  And a couple of finishes always help.

    All the scrappy trip blocks were turned into a top.  This was a Book It project from May and it barely made a dent in the floral stash.
    When Evening Comes, a Faux Braid quilt  in batiks was claimed by Sir Old Man.  I also did a tutorial on the vine quilting that I used on this.
    The Acorn Table topper, a simple early fall project, that picks up the colors of Sir Old Man's new table creation.
     His amazing table.....need I say more!
     A quick table runner of batiks used for practicing a new free motion motif, Butterfly Wings.
    And the new Book It project that needs more variety.

September plans include a trip north, re-cycling denim into tote bags for gifts, work on the squares with insets, and cutting pieces for another Bonnie Hunter project.  And the general calendar is filling up, so that's enough plans for now.  I want to leave time for some baking when the weather cools.  Nothing like the smell of fresh bread in the fall.    Happy stitching.


  1. You had a great month. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Lovely collage of August's projects. I like Sept to be an 'enjoy the new season' month and do a bit of a slow down, too.

  3. You have made some wonderful things, Debbie. I know I will always be inspired here. I like your photo composition of all of your accomplishments. (That little table still makes my mouth water!)
    I have to tell you, I bake bread all year, but in the summer I wait until night for the house to cool down before I heat it up. Sometimes I drive DH crazy because he can smell the bread baking as he is trying to go to sleep. But it saves me about half a loaf, which he can consume without blinking if he is around when the bread comes out of the oven. : )

  4. The acorn topper is my favorite of your projects.

  5. Such a list of accomplishments (still nuts about the table, and the quilting is beautiful, as always!). I actually just started a list entitled "The FUN To-Do List"! (I had to differentiate from, you know, that OTHER to-do list!) Decorated the house for fall today and ready to get started on the fun!

  6. You win for loveliest and best colors this month, all of it is beautiful. We have another month or two or three before fall peeks in around here, baking sounds good though.

  7. What a gorgeous mix of projects. I am looking forward to fall this year too. The kids seem to be settling into their new lives faster than I am. DH is back to school this week so it's time to settle my days back into a creative routine.

  8. Fabulous projects.Congratulations!


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