Sunday, September 21, 2014

Big Finish for Mrs. Claus

   The doll quilt project, Get Your Mrs. Claus On, finishes big this year.  Over the top, really.  To say I lost count is an understatement, but a close guess is 150 doll quilts.

    Mrs. Claus in Ohio, aka Mcpatches on the HGTV Message Board, is the doll quilt maker extraordinaire today.  Mary Ann included a note with her treasure trove.
  "I started making doll quilts last October.  I said for every big quilt, I'd make a doll quilt with the leftovers.  And then there were the pillow panels that were sitting around.  And the half square triangles from trimmings of other projects.  My goal was one per week--52.  I did not quite make it."
   Just matter how many string blocks I see, they are never the same, yet always a feast for the eyes to wander over and enjoy.

  Just squares.....really compare the design of these three.  4 patch blocks turned into a quarter trip, and  a scrap setting.  And the all time favorite classic Trip Around the World completes this trio.
  The quarter trip version has a tiny brown filet strip added before the border.  That is so effective in this one.

   Just strips.....combine some with 4 patch units and make a scrap quilt.  Lots of strips, make another classic pattern, The Rail Fence.

Still more strips.....turn them into a lattice, or a maze with the addition of a solid.  Both of these are so striking.

  A precious trio of soft flannels include a coin strip quilt, one of squares, and a braid quilt.  Mrs. Claus, these are so cute!

  So let's see what I overlooked....just triangles!     Tiny flying geese to make pinwheels, oh my!  Half square triangles turned into butterflies....double oh my!!  I love this one :-)  Both of these are fun!

   Got more triangles?  Make a zig-zag chevron quilt.  Make more pinwheels, another classic that never fails to please.  Got an orphan block you need to dress up.....add a border of pinwheels to make a statement.   Tired of pinwheels, then just make a scrap quilt of half square triangles.

With this many leftovers, can you imagine the big quilts this Mrs. Claus has made?   More pinwheels, and half square triangles set in a barn raising layout.   With the variety shown in the last couple of photos, I should never be without inspirations.

Mrs. Claus mentioned panels, too.  I love how the same panel turned into 3 very different quilts.  Lots of design creativity here.

 Holiday panels make great doll quilts.  The addition of different fabrics to complete the panel gives each a personal touch.

More panels of bunnies.....frame them with other fabrics, or make a row by row quilt.

 A holiday bunny....jumping jack rabbit, I say!  He is appliqued and bounding over cute Easter eggs!  All bordered with the prettiest fabric.  Simply cute.

Let's add some stars into the mix.....nothing like comfortable homespun fabrics with a border print to make cute quilts.

 A whole collection of stars.....don't you love those wonky ones?  And if you are short one star, add an applique block to finish it up.

  Simply red, all over, and finish it off with a little lace trim.   The dotted binding is such a fun twist on this quilt.

  Oops....I should have grouped these 2 into the 4 patch photos.  I loved the featured fabric.  It is old post marks.  I love fabrics like that.

  A few flowers to brighten any day.  One is a panel print, and the other is an appliqued  basket of fussy cut flowers.  So pretty.

 Ending up with hearts appliqued onto a zig zag background.  This just says it all for of love from the heart.

 A lot of love, design, and inspiration from a 10 pound box containing a whopping 42 doll quilts.  42!!!!
  Mrs. Mcpatches Claus of Ohio, thank you.  You have finished off our year with a wonderful plethora of quilts.
  To all the wonderful Mrs. Claus participants  I thank you from the deepest part of my heart.  Each quilt is dear and appreciated greatly.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I would have loved to have been there with you when you went thru this box - talk about Christmas from the heart! Congratulations on such a wonderful year and blessings to all who contributed.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Mrs. McPatches, you are amazing! They are all so fun, tho I especially like the pinwheel-flying geese and the wonky stars.

Nicki said...

What a wonderful 10 lb. box of doll quilts. It warms my heart to have been a part of this & see all the wonderful quilts that will help children know they are loved. The HGTV Quilting Board is already signing up for 2015 & are ready to stay up with the Greenville Woodworkers Guild. :)

Createology said...

Pieced and sewn with such generous love. They are each so special. Blessings to Mrs Clauses and all they and you do.

Janet O. said...

Mrs. McPatches, take a bow!! Wonderful work!

Dana Gaffney said...

That's wonderful and so much fun. I love so many different styles, it looks like a great way to just play.

Impera Magna said...

Oh, how beautiful... all of them! What a fabulous thing to do... amazing!

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