Friday, September 19, 2014

Catching up

  Here is hoping I am back on the roll again.  I have done a few things, in between fighting a stomach bug that just put me down a bit.  And I am hoping my Wonder Geek is available this weekend to recover my "lost/disappeared/vanished" photos and files!   I sure do want them back.

    I set the scrap project for Let's Book It aside.....I have depleted my 5" square stash.   And got to work on what I thought would be a demo project for the quilt show coming up in a couple of weeks.  These are blocks using the Disappearing hourglass technique from Missouri Quilt Company.   After 6 blocks, I made an executive decision.....this one is not for me.  Working with all that bias is tedious.  The more you touch it, the more it grows.  And the secondary cut needs to be exact or everything is off.....ask me how I know!  Let's say I love it, but don't want to do it for a demo.

   What has been successful is the  Carolina Chain block from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville.  It is easy to cut and sew.  And it ends up with that diagonal chain that I find so appealing lately. I have 2 or 3 baggies full of cut pieces and have been stitching a few at a time to soothe my spinning head.  Nothing like simple to relax with.

   Time to wind down the year for Mrs. Claus that is.   The last quilts are in....and amazingly the first for 2015 arrived yesterday!  But I will save those for later.  So let's view a few doll quilts.
  From Mrs. Claus in Iowa, aka as Jacky of the HGTV Message Board comes this sweet pastel and pink string quilt.    I am a sucker for string quilts, and this one is great.

Birdhouses!  What a cute idea and then the added detail of those buttons.....this one came from Mrs. Claus in Maryland, aka Patricia.   I love the cheerful fabrics, too.

  From Mrs. Claus in MA, aka Nancy, Catwmn27, on the HGTV Message board.  I'm sorry for the no so great photo....the sun came out when I least expected it.  Those are little dresses all dolled up with lace trim.  What a creative idea for a doll quilt.

  Janice is Mrs. Claus from Texas, aka Cookie Quilts on the HGTV Message board.  She is representing NC in honor of her cousin this year.  Note those beautiful Kaffe Fassett scraps she beautiful!

  Thank you all.....Mrs. Claus from around the country.  Our year has come to a close....wait, excuse me there is someone banging on the door.
 HO, HO, HO.......the UPS guy just had to get into the act.  He just delivered a 10 pound box from Mrs. Claus in Ohio!!!!  Now you won't believe what I am finding inside.  I have work to do before you get to peek.......let's just say you want to come back when I get things opened.  It is a design delight and inspiration for all.
Happy stitching.


Janet O. said...

Sorry the Disappearing Pinwheel gave you grief. I understand the issues with the bias. Jenny says it is your friend, because it will give when you need it to so that things will fit together. And when she cuts what I call the "tic-tac-toe grid" on the hourglass block, she measures from the center seam instead of the edge, because the edges may not be precise. When the blocks are all made, she says then you trim them to size. I haven't got that far yet.
I do love Bonnie's pattern. I have always loved chain blocks in quilts. That will make a good demo quilt, without the frustrations.
Hurry and open that box--you have me so curious now!! : )

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I do like the blue/white disappearing hourglass quilt but I think I can understand that you made the right choice! It's supposed to be fun, not stressful! Good thing you made the decision early!

Nicki said...

I really love disappearing blocks. They are fun to see the transformation from one thing to another. I haven't tried that one yet but hope to soon....maybe in a doll quilt. ;) Those little doll quilts are fabulous. Janet O said it for me..."Hurry and open that box". We all want to see what the UPS man brought.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have only made one (various steps into it) block as a sample and our students have loved making these - heavy starch is your best friend with these. I have been thinking on Bonnie's Chain - great way to use up the last (I hope) of those scrap baskets. I don't plan to make her new mystery coming up, so may just finish the lozenge block challenge and the Chain

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been battling a bug, did you bring that back with you? I was going to try the disappearing block, maybe later, right now I don't want to make something that will have me tearing my hair out, LOL.

Terri said...

There is a Mrs. Claus from CA waiting at my house for an address - for weeks now.

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