Friday, September 26, 2014

Windows or wings?

    This one was just for fun, to use up some fabric, and stimulate a bit of creativity.   I am not sure if I see windows or wings.....and it will need a border when sewn.    I will get it fused to interfacing next, and then sew up my rows. I see a spot or two to tweak and then I will fuse.

And before any one pattern for this.  But I did convert the photo to black and white for you.  Click on the photo to enlarge and print....or save to your computer for later.  It will give you a guide for the fabric value for blending  to create a graphic design like this.

 As for using fabric up.....that did not really happen because a soft squishy package arrived in the mail.   Floral fabrics ordered from Exuberant Color were delivered and I foresee projects in the future.   That is after  I get one quilted and another one sewn.  It will give me time to make some plans for these lovelies.
Happy stitching.   


  1. You do such a lovely job with these and thank you for the grey scale to show placement.

  2. I don't see the wings anymore, it looks like a beautiful courtyard to me now, gorgeous as usual.

  3. My first impression of this was not wings, this time. But it is stunning, whatever the impression may be!

  4. Beautiful placement of fabrics to create this amazing quilt. Creative Fabric Bliss...


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