Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A little dye info

Color Perfect - Amethyst Purple  Every year I say I am going to try some  fabric dying....snow dying, ice dying, etc.  And the snow comes and I don't have the supplies.  With the big jump/increases in the cost of backing fabric, I think it is time to give this thing a try.
   So, to my shopping list I am adding a bolt of extra wide white muslin, and RIT dye.   Dana at Stormy Days has been dying fabric (and hands) such lovely shades of colors for her backings for a while.  And over at the Quilt Rat, Jill just showed her experiment using RIT dyes.  And I love the crinkled effect she achieved.
    According to the RIT website, the liquid is more concentrated and pre-dissolved.  It can be used the same way as the powder.
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  1. It has been many years (decades) since I used Rit Dye. Are you worried at all about bleeding and fading?
    Back before reproduction fabrics were readily available in my area I volunteered as an historical re-enactor at a local heritage center. I made period correct clothing for my family to wear, and several times I had to overdye the fabric to get it to a more historically correct shade. I know this clothing saw a lot of wear and tear and washing, but the dyes faded dramatically within the first few years of use. That has made me a bit leery of using dye anymore. What have you learned from others whop have used it? I'm curious if it is more durable now.

  2. It will be fun to watch your dye experiments. Tye-Dye has lasted for decades. Creative Dyeing Bliss...

  3. I have used Rit Dye to dye fiber for spinning to make yarn. It dyes bamboo amazingly well. I have also used it for some cotton items and it worked well for that also.

  4. I can't wait to see how your adventure turns out. I used the granulated Rit Dye years ago and would love to hear about your experience with the liquid.

  5. I can't wait to hear how your experience with dye works out. I prefer something other than a white/natural backing, but I'll be making a king-sized quilt that needs 120" backing ... and all I can find in that size is muslin. I never thought about dying the muslin, so I'm interested in how it works for you. Good luck!


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