Friday, October 10, 2014

A visit to the Woodworker's Toy Shop

   Every year the Greenville Woodworkers Guild makes toys, and more toys.  They make lots of wooden toys.....all year long.   About 4 years ago, the quilters of Get Your Mrs. Claus On came along side to "dress up" the beds and cradles that were being made.  Mrs. Claus keeps stitching and quilting, and the doll quilts keep arriving!    So before the deliveries start, I wanted to share  what goes on in the woodworking shop.


The toy makers have out grown their room at the guild two very busy elves were painting parts for wooden tractors outside.  Note the John Deere green!

  We found more elves sanding pieces by hand!  There will be no rough corners on these toys.

  More sanding by Elf Jim on yet another section.

  Every Tuesday morning is Toy Day....the elves arrive and get right to work.   And this year they have added a night shift crew!   These adorable carousels were made by the night crew.....with rabbits and dinosaurs, gators, and hippos, and trucks!  You can turn the red knob and the base spins around.

  I found boxes of wooden dump trucks......

A table full of small cradles.

   Stacks of chairs waiting for finishing,  line the front wall....and a couple more cradles.

And when we peeked into the Hand Tool Room.....we found more production going on by the lady Elves!

  Lana is the Head Quality Control Elf. She fills all the nail holes and does any touch up sanding on the doll beds and cradles.   She insists that it all be done right.

   And what is this?  The cradles will be very soft and comfy this year....because Miss Rosie Elf  is making mattresses ( and pillows) for them.   I love how this project just grows and grows.

  And then there was The Head Elfess......Louise Elf, the painter of beds and cradles......and probably anything else.  ( I would be covered in pink doing this!)     Her husband, John is the official Head Elf this year, and has done a great job keeping everything on track. His first deliveries are scheduled,  and soon the hundreds of  toys will be arriving at various organizations  for the children they help.
   To all the Mrs. Clauses .....thank you.  Thank you for your time, effort, and giving hearts.   You will never know how important and motivating your efforts are.   Once again, hugs and thanks.


  1. This was great to see some of the various work stations - so much goes into this project behind the scenes and so lovely of you to share.

  2. So wonderful. Thanks for sharing the process with us. And thank you to all the wonderful elves!

  3. Wow, very interesting. What great team work!

  4. Amazing! Thank you for sharing with us the elves at work. What a wonderful thing they do!!

  5. I always enjoy the visit to the North Pole, it's amazing how much they get done. That carousel is adorable.

  6. Thanks for sharing pictures of the workshop. I had no idea there are so many toys being made at the workshop. What a wonderful gift.

  7. This is a wonderful story! So many little people will be blessed by the Elves' labors of love.

  8. The gals on our HGTV quilting board loved seeing this. Thanks for the peek at the elves working hard for this year's Christmas.

  9. Bless each and every one of you wonderful people for being so giving and generous. Thank you from my heart and soul. Creative Bliss...


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