Friday, October 31, 2014

October's Hodgepodge

  October has been a big hodgepodge of things finished, started, and prepared.   The quilts are washed, stacked and ready for the trunk show next week.  Workshop materials are prepared for the Feathers Class.  Thanks for bearing with me as that consumed my focus.
   My re-cap of October projects....

  Finished:  Let's Book It project from May.  Thanks to Dana's suggestion, of Stormy Days, I went with no borders and let the blended trip blocks speak for themselves.   This is entered in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

  This is the ongoing Let's Book It project.....time to pull it out again.  Find the details on Let's Book It at Vroomans Quilts.

  And a NewFO for this month........details at Cat Patches.  This was one of those quick projects that called to me, and became a finished NewFO.   Frosted Pumpkin wall hanging could be turned into a cute table runner too.  The original pattern is from Jill at Quilt Rat.  

  And there's a started/partial watercolor wall hanging on the design wall.....but more on that next month.  Next month will be on the Book It project and the watercolor, since we will be gone the last week.  I also have a Habitat for Humanity quilt to quilt....maybe.
   But the scariest news on this last day of October......Forget the frost.......snow flurries/dusting  are forecast for our area tonight!   That has never happened here.....not this early in the year....not here!   I need to hunt the socks and pull out a sweatshirt.  Wishing you sweet treats and happy stitching.  


  1. All lovely projects and they show your detail of color value - they just shine. We have that 4-letter word for our area too - not fun.

  2. Muy bonitos quilt y saludos desde las calidas tierras de Alicante

  3. Even the weather is saying Trick or Treat - we are supposed to have rain before and after - we'll see.

  4. Love your watercolor trips and I think it looks great without a border!

  5. I particularly love your Trip around the World quilt -- that pattern is on my someday list!

  6. The Trip Around the World quilt is gorgeous. Your pumpkin wall hanging is cute. Good luck on your November goals.

  7. Pretty stuff. I love that pumpkin.

  8. You know I'd never steer you wrong, LOL. I just love that quilt. Snow this early? I hope that doesn't mean another bad winter for all of the people up north.

  9. you have put a HUGE smile on my face!!! Wonderful work!!!!


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