Friday, October 17, 2014

Some prepping

    I began prepping this week for the trunk show.......that means sorting through the quilts scattered around the house.  Some are in use, or on the walls and need to be washed.  Hanging replacements also required!   So I am in the process of that.  The rest are stacked/thrown in the guest room to be sorted properly.    Someone kick me the next time I agree to do this!

   To appease the creative urge, I began a small project for fall.  When that bug bites, you must do something to ease it.
   I found this wonderful little wall hanging at Jill's blog, The Quilt Rat, here for the pattern.
 She designed it for thread painting---which I love---but it could be adapted for traditional applique.  I am just beginning the thread painting and hope to spend a wonderful afternoon with thread!   That should help brighten my day.......have a great weekend.   Happy stitching.   


  1. Looking pretty so far! I'm finishing the binding on a quilt this afternoon, tho I'd really rather be starting a new small project myself but, I guess I can't complain. And besides, the guys will be off to a football game again tonight so I may start something new yet. And the weather is soooo pretty here! Have a good one--is the trunk show this weekend?

  2. Had to laugh at your "someone kick me" statement. I've felt that myself. : )
    Your little Fall piece is very pretty. Looking forward to seeing it after you frost it with thread!

  3. What a great project to please that play time.

  4. It's perfect, while you're thread painting your mind will be working on the show :)

  5. Wow! It is looking fabulous! LOVE your colour choices...those blues are unexpected but absolutely PERFECT!!!!


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