Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A little turn helps

  Cactus blooms!  This is one of two that I have and it is full of blooms....I expect a few broken branches with the weight.  It sits snuggled in a corner of the dining room and is so easy to overlook.....so it was a wonderful discovery a couple of days ago.

  But before I go on, I need to thank a couple of special blogger angels who responded with great advice, and words of encouragement to me.  The trunk show is Thursday night and the anxiety has been rising.   I know I share and run on here at the blog.  It is my safe place.  I record my progress, design ideas and style.  I can show my goofs and successes.   You drop by, read if you want, comment, and go on.   But now, I agreed to "parade" about 4 dozens of my quilts.....bits and pieces of myself.....to a whole group of people.   Words can't convey how scary that is for me.   So, thank you, angels for being there.

   I have been hibernating in the sewing room for a few hours  today to get this latest project to the flimsy stage.   Here is how it was going over the weekend.  I added that narrow blue around the center and then decided I wanted more!  So I began working on bands for the outer border that would be added---like the left side seen here.

    And now with the outer border attached.  Notice anything else?    Sir Old Man did his normal inspection, and kept tilting his head at an angle.  Well, actually he was almost on his head to look at it!  I took his suggestion and  rotated this photo 1/4 turn......and it looks so much better.   Now the light source is at the top, moves behind the center and ripples along the other side.   Having an "in-house" critic is helpful after all.  All from a little turn.

 Insight:  A little turn can give a new perspective.   It may change the whole look of things.

  Don't forget the Blogger's Quilt Festival is going on......voting this week until Friday.  Here is the link to visit.
The rest of the week here is busy/booked solid/no more sewing time......until I finish the class on Saturday.   Till then, happy stitching. 


  1. I wish I could be there to hear your presentation and see your beautiful quilts in person. I have a terrible fear of public speaking and understand the anxiety you are feeling. The cactus is beautiful. My white one is blooming but my pink one is stubbornly sitting there doing nothing.

  2. My cacti are just showing bud - they will be wonderful when open. Although I don't have trouble with public speaking, I certainly do understand the fear. Oh, sweetness - they will be oo-ing and aa-ing with every lovely. I wish I could be there along side them.

  3. What a difference the turn made. It looks beautiful, and I wish you could u the best with your presentation.

  4. Don't panic over the trunk show. They are probably all your friends and if they aren't yet, they will be after you present. I did it a few times now and all I can suggest is write down everything you want to say. You may never look at it but at least you will have something to reference if you forget. I wrote it all out and printed it large enough to read at a glance. I put the name of the quilt, the year finished (if I knew) and a little bit about it especially a lesson learned. You don't need to point out all your errors unless you can teach something to someone else. (Like this is what happens when you don't prewash your quilts, etc.). Everyone has a block turned around so you don't need to highlight those types of creativity. :) But most of all enjoy. The best part of any guild for me is to see other peoples quilts.

  5. You will be a star at your presentation. I can talk from experience. Your quilts will blow them away!!

  6. Your DH has a good eye. I think it looks just right now!
    Barbara gives you some really good advice here. I agree with it all!
    You will be great, Debbie. We are all pulling for you, but I understand the feeling of putting your work out there. It is a big step. But you can do it, girl!

  7. Only just found and now following your blog - I was astounded when I saw this oh so beautiful quilt it is luscious!
    Go well with your trunk show and congrats on a beautiful quilt!

  8. Wow, Sir Old Man gets to stay another year, LOL. Deep breath before you start, just to steady yourself, then just shine my friend. Wanda's right your quilts will blow them away. Now I need to go outside and check my cactus.

  9. I had that same experience with a little modern quilt I made at a class. When I turned it 90 degrees, it looked completely different, and I liked it better.

  10. I'm late in posting to give you encouragement on the trunk show but I just know it went very, very well. If you present your quilts in person like you do on your blog, you will be knock their socks off. Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful. I've never been able to keep one alive but I absolutely LOVE them. Your DH has a good eye...I like the quilt turned. I voted at the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Hmmmm....I wonder who I voted for. :)

  11. Your quilt looks fabulous and turning it was inspirational.
    The cactus looks very healthy and gorgeous!
    I'm sure your trunk show will go well -- and will pray that everything is just as He intends!


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