Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mrs. Claus update

  The last of 2014 doll quilts have been delivered to the toymakers at the woodshop.  Just over 100 doll quilts....that's a lot of toys to make!  And doll quilts are still arriving.....they will be used next year.  Want to see what has arrived?
   Karen, aka Karribean Quilter, is Mrs. in Nevada.  She sent 2.....the pink and yellow represent the colors of the beautiful sunsets.  And the scrappy one has wave quilting to represent the Virgin Islands.  I love that she takes such great inspiration from the places she loves.
    Karibbean Quilter is a member of Circle of Friends, the new group formed from the HGTV message board.  The message boards were shut down the first of November.  If you are looking for a very active and lively group to join, you might want to check them out through the link.

  Another member of Circle of Friends is Kelly, Mrs. Claus in Oregon, aka KBlue.    She sent this bright and cheerful doll quilt made from a fun print with horses.  Love that purple!

  Mrs. Claus of California-- now --is Terri, a faithful follower and friend. Oops....update....She is now Mrs. Claus in Washington!   She loves hand work and began working with hexagons this year.  Her note said she did not know what to do with them.....well, I think she figured it out!  The pink hexie flowers are just adorable.  I love the scattered arrangement, like walking thru a garden.
   This Mrs. Claus just made a move and is waiting on furniture to arrive so she can return to  her regular sewing projects.

    Mrs. Claus of Maryland is Sunny and she has been busy!  Just check out that center quilt of hearts!  I love the unusual layout with the string piecing.

    She also made these three---a total of six, including a hexie one too!  I really love the traditional patterns.....the Quarter Trip in blue is so pretty.   Thank you, Mrs. Claus.

  Thanks to all the Mrs. Clauses around the  world.  You touch many hearts with your gift.  


Terri said...

Nice new batch! Love the top two... Mom always sewed simple patterns with fancy fabric... Love the pink and yellow/golds. These doll quilts are a great way to try out different color combos. Thanks for the nice write up on mine... I'm now Terri from WA. (It's cold here.... BRRRR!)

Janet O. said...

Lots of pretty little quilts here, Debbie! : )

Lynne said...

Wow! The variety never ceases to amaze me. Love the layout of the hexies -- fresh and modern.

sunny said...

Mrs. Claus in Maryland is on a MAJOR scrapbusting mission in 2015. Just say the word and I'll start making a few quilts.My designs/patterns are determined by the size of my scraps!

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