Sunday, November 16, 2014

Musing on Fall to Winter

   What happened to our fall?  Like the other 2/3's of the country we went to freezing temperatures overnight.  And we will likely stay there for a good while.
   Fall to me is the time for baking, and finishing up projects, and preparing for the holidays, cool nights and warm days.  This year that time has been snapped up and taken over by frosty nights, and cloudy days.  I did get several days of baking in this week....pumpkin swirl bread and glazed pecans for gifts.
   Then I began to tackle drawers that were full of just "stuff".  On to the closet, and I pared that down quite a bit.  I tend to wear the same items over and over, so why do I have all that other stuff in there?  Out with it!!  Three full  and extra large bags of items to be donated.   The benefit was lots of space in the closet!
   Next a shopping trip---lol---for some updated replacements that I will wear.   No jeans...I have enough...., but I did find a purple sweater that I fell in love with.  That should make it easy to find me in a crowd....:)

   And that was the good part of the week......the other 2 days were spent on the phone and computer comparing insurance and drug plans.  If you are approaching that month for know what I mean.  I can not find words to express the frustration with the quagmire that you have to wade through.  There is nothing easy, simple or pleasant about this task.  It is difficult to get a straight answer to your questions.....all answers seem to be scripted versions no matter who you talk to.  Comparisons of plans are almost impossible because the numbers are "hidden" depending on which company has a deal with which pharmacy or drug company you select or need.  In essence, I feel like I fell into the deep freeze of winter.
    Now I need some therapy....of the stitching kind.  I plan on spending a couple of full days this week in the sewing room getting just what I need.   I have projects to finish up and I think some string piecing would be good for the soul.  Happy stitching.


  1. Oh, I know what you mean - nothing of that is simple!! And I found some solace in string blocks myself yesterday.

  2. I love your new header photo!!
    I agree winter is here too early and getting above the freezing mark sounds good. My grandson in NC let me know it was 27 degrees there one morning.

  3. I too think your quilt in the header is absolutely beautiful! Sounds like you are now into your Winter and although it is officially the last month of Spring here (NZ) they are getting a bit of snow and hail in the lower part of the South Island - good quilting weather!

  4. I like that new header photo too. We had a long fall here and so far a very mild winter.

  5. Fall? Winter? What? LOL. I meant to mention your new header last time I was here, then forgot, it's beautiful! Pumpkin Swirl, recipe please. I'm getting ready to make lots of pumpkin stuff starting with dog biscuits of course.

  6. We got cold here unusually early too! And I also have been doing some purging over the last few months. Have a great week in the sewing room.

  7. We had an unseasonably long and warm Fall, and then winter just whacked us in the face. Zero degrees last night! Is it Spring yet?
    Beautiful watercolor piece, Debbie!

  8. Debbie, the Insurance quagmire is almost on a par with the government quagmire, and we all know the state our government is in. We are very fortunate to be provided with health and prescription insurance through the company my hubby retired from in 1996, although the premiums still rise, they are much lover than if we had to purchase one on our own, especially with the health backgrounds we both have. I also have a closet very similar to yours and need to get at it, but not till after Christmas. Have a good week.

  9. Ohh the "Golden Years" !!!! Just wanted to tell you I LOVE the picture you have with your message. Am partial to
    pinecones!! Is that a pattern? Thanks

  10. I know what I'm going to say is like opening a cam of worms ... the health system in US seems so complicated to those of us who have national health schemes!
    In Australia, those who don't have private health insurance (which is quite reasonably priced depending on what level of cover one has) have to pay slightly more tax but can go to a public hospital in an emergency and be treated like anyone else. Elective surgery in the public hospital system has quite long waiting lists. Many doctors bulk bill (meaning they get their pay from the government health system) so, at the the moment, it costs nothing to see the local doctor. That is going to change in the future but the cost will not be unreasonable.
    Having said all that, I hope you've got it all sorted now.


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