Saturday, November 22, 2014

Seeing Red

Seeing red, in this case, is not a bad thing.  I just seem to have a color fixation on red this week.  Both my small projects were heavy on the red and white.....then a red binding  and I am seeing red.

A Cardinal Sings
Christmas Baubles

   Sir Old Man was gracious today and took me to my favorite quilt shop while running errands......we found some white background fabric, a few reds in this particular shade, and a couple of cool blues.  I am quite taken with this project, so a blue one is up next.....but I may do another larger one in red  :)
It's from BabyLock website, an embroidered (by machine) small wall hanging.  So you lucky gals with the embroidery machines could do your own version.  
I have fabric to wash....then happy stitching.


  1. I love the reds, but now I can't wait to see the blues. I'm so glad you went fabric shopping :)

  2. Oh, so pretty! It sure was nice of your hubby to turn you lose in a fabric shop for a while.

  3. Beautiful projects--I think the cardinal is my favorite. But blue and white is my favorite two color combo, so I look forward to seeing your creation in blue. : )

  4. Fantastic reds! Cardinals are my favorite bird.

  5. Both are so... striking and they both get you in the holiday mood! Beautuful!

  6. Love both those projects. Red is very seasonal (for you -- here we need greens and blues; the temperature reached 110*F yesterday and is forecast to be 100* today! And it's not summer yet!)


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