Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Selecting the blues of winter

  I have been working on the blue version of the baubles.    I found lots of different shapes and patterns on Pinterest for the baubles.....way more that I needed.  Then the truly difficult part was required, that being fabric selection.     For some reason, I have a hard time selecting blues that blend well.  It has always been that way, and this time was no different.

  My first step was to pull out all the blue fabrics that I liked---any shade, any value, and any pattern.  I just piled them up on the table.  Two fabrics jumped out at me as having the winter blue colors I wanted.....the swirled dark and light blue, and the print on white to the right of the large ornament.   I set those aside.

  Next, I began to eliminate fabrics because of the pattern-----stripes, and  solids just did not read well.
   Then I removed the fabrics that had too gray a tone.....they looked too dirty, like  trampled, wet snow.   Some fabrics were heavy on the green tone, some way too light, and others much too dark.

   This was the stack that I was left with.  I then cut a small piece off of each one and placed it randomly on the white background fabric just to be sure the fabrics reflected all the shades of winter blues.   Stand back and look at them....squint a little, too.  It seems to help :)

 And here it is in progress......... those decorative stitches on my machine have come in handy for this project.  They make a perfect decorative chain between the baubles.   I rarely use these stitches, so I had to experiment to find ones that worked....or at least that I liked.

  On to pie making and some laundry....then happy stitching.  


Janet O. said...

Looking very pretty, Debbie. You found some lovely blues to work with.
I should be making pies, too!! : )

Terri said...

I have the exact problem with blues. Why is that? Reds, no problem... pink - some trouble because some are a salmon pinks and some are a bit purply... Greens, oranges yellows no trouble. I like your selection.

Mary said...

Very nice. I know what you mean about how challenging it is to find blues that blend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Frederique said...

Great job and great blended fabrics!
Maybe I can help for the next quilt: I'm running a fabric giveaway!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Dana Gaffney said...

That looks wonderful. I love blues but it is hard to find good ones, even dying doesn't seem to get what I want sometimes. I hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving with no "blues" involved.

Lynne said...

Lovely! Pretty blues!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours (even if I am a wee bit late)!

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