Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thank yous and a good class!

   Thank you to  Roger and to Sir Old Man  for  handling and holding all  the quilts for me.  Thank you to Shelia for sharing her husband, Roger, and for taking photos.
   Thank you to the Foothills guild for inviting me and  the great response to my quilts.

 Thank you to my wonderful followers who offered support and encouragement, especially those 2 angels that kept sending messages.   What a lift you gave me.  Big sigh of relief.......and on to the Feathers Class.

   I have talked and talked about the Endless Feathers in lots of posts, and even offered a tutorial on how I build the feathers.  Click here for the Tutorial Page.   the tutorial is near the bottom of the page.  But I had not attempted to actually teach anyone my method.   So this class was a trial run and I was excited to see how it went.  Little did I expect to see such amazing results!

      Class began with about 45 minutes of drawing---hearts, plumes, and basic set of 3 plumes.  And talked about the importance of muscle memory.   Then to the machines.  Before I got sidetracked with questions, I managed to take photos of 4 of the samples.

   This is Lynette's first attempt doing the Endless Feathers.  She just took off and kept going and going.   Then she went back in and added the center band of feathers.

   Suzanne started small and gained confidence. Her plumes began to grow and she developed a nice curve to the feather.  


   I believe this was Deb's....she wanted to fill every inch of space.   She got around that curve on the bottom and created a very nice flow.

   But every class has that one person you want to rave about a little.  This is Cheryl's first feather sample.  She sat in the back and I heard this machine just roaring along.  When I went to look, I almost fell over.  She had filled half the sample with beautiful feathers.  She was full of questions and just soaked things up like a sponge.

   We broke for lunch and had a wonderful "round table" discussion on everything from batting to styles of design.  And then they wanted to know about swirls!  If you have followed for long, you know that is my favorite "go to" design for Free Motion Quilting.  So we threw in a quick drawing lesson on swirls and how to develop them.   A little more machine time, and I told the class I was on empty.....they had all the info, now they just needed practice.

  I learned a few things too......
    I need to try using the wool blend batting.
    I need to have sticky name tags for everyone in class.
   Take extra pencils for drawing.

And now, back to our regular programming.....Thanks again, and happy stitching.    


Mary said...

Wow! Your students did great!

Jasmine said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and that you were appreciated.

Lynne said...

Great work from the students who obviously had a great teacher who, in turn, has a great Teacher.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wow - I think I need to come take a feather class with you if that is the lovelies your NEW students produce - I am amazed!!

Dana Gaffney said...

Yes! Those feathers are wonderful! Had they been practicing before the class or was this a first time? I bet you'll be asked to repeat that class and maybe do one on swirls.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Glad you had a successful class! Wish I could've attended--I need to! Why wool blend batting?

Janet O. said...

I'm glad your "show" went so well. I knew you would be a success! : )
Wow!!! Those are beginner's feathers? They are all SO much better than anything I did. And Cheryl's feathers are amazing for a newbie! You must be a great teacher, Debbie!

Pattilou said...

Wow some wonderful feathers! Looks like your class was appreciated! Good for you!

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