Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwing out some inspiration.

The scrappy top is assembled.    I couldn't find a movie to watch, so I enlisted the aid of the Property Brothers.  Three episodes later, all the scrappy blocks were stitched into a top!  I gave it a good press today and waited for the afternoon shadows to take a photo.   I began this back in August---here is the post----  as a Let's Book It project.  Once quilted, this little throw at 60" will go on the donation stack.

  That meant I could play this afternoon........wonder what she had waiting to try?

I wanted to try stitching a winter a wall hanging I had seen on Pinterest.   So I thought I would experiment.  Instead of the pale blue, I tried the deep burgundy thread.
   First, I thought the technique was all about the quilting.....the colored bauble is really more of a thread sketching using quilting stitches.  It is tough to get good looking stitches, when you are working that small/close/teeny tiny and quilting through batting.  The back is so ugly that I would not let you see it.   Nope, this is not enjoyable for me.

  Second, I noticed a vast improvement in  the McTavishing stitches....I finally am getting the hang of it.  Those "c" stitches make all the difference!

  Third, I decided to try an inspiration of the original on Pinterest.  Beautiful red fabrics for the applique.....a couple of them were from a older charm pack of Christmas fabric.
  I think Christmas Baubles turned out good for a first try!  The shapes I found in EQ7.  I just played around with the sizes.  Light Heat and Bond for the fusible, and stitched with a zig-zag stitch.  This is only about 12" by 20"....a good size for a door banner.    A red binding and this one can be up before next month arrives.
   Wonder if I should try this in pale blues?  Someone stop me.....I need to buy fabrics for more of these!  


  1. I think McTavishing is a great background filler for these Christmas baubles. The new top is really pretty.

  2. Very fun--and I think your McTavishing looks great!
    Hmmm, blue would be pretty. Am I being helpful? : )

  3. I've looked at that quilt on pinterest so many times, it's really beautiful. Yes, I think blue would be perfect although the red is gorgeous and vibrant. Go buy some fabric, LOL.

  4. I love the second one - makes the baubles just pop right out!

  5. I agree with Sharon, the second one is lovely!

  6. Love your scrappy donation quilt top. Awesome Christmas babbles.

  7. Beautiful McTavishing and the red baubles are wonderful.

  8. Really striking baubles yes lol they look superb!

  9. Debbie, your Bauble pattern is beautiful and I can visualize it as a table runner as well. Such a striking fabric! Not a project for this year, but sounds like a winner for next year's gifts. Too many already in the works to start a new one. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Your scrappy top looks great! I love what you did with the ornaments piece, the McT work really worked with them! What a great wall hanging to complement a decorated tree.


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