Friday, November 28, 2014

Winter Baubles in blue

 Winter Baubles tells the story in the colors captured here.  There  are the  bright blues of the winter sky, the shadows of blue on snow covered paths,  the watery blues of sunlight reflected off the ice in the birdbath, and the darkest blue of night.  Like colored glass hung in a window to catch the streaming light, the baubles hang against a cloud of white.

  I imagine that the smallest of breeze could set them spinning and twirling to cast a dancing hue of blue light across the wall.   Of course, I am only being fanciful, but I find this one very restful to view.

  Need I tell is stiff as a board from all the thread and heavy quilting.  Miles of thread does not make a quilt for cuddling!  It does hang straight  :)

 So I think this adventure is over.   I have a couple of tops that are in need of quilting. I may get to them next month.  It is time to crank up the ovens and begin some baking......cookies, and breads.
  Happy stitching.


  1. Oh my, this is gorgeous. Love the name too! Great job. I hope you'll consider entering it in the December Make It A Handmade Christmas Challenge that has the final linky party to be released on Monday. Any handmade holiday decoration or handmade gift made in 2014 can be entered. :)


  2. What a poetic description for a beautiful quilt.
    I have to agree that it does look stiff with all that quilting but that's okay for a wall-hanging!

  3. Oh, it's beautiful. I loved the red for the pizzazz of it, but this one is very soothing and your description makes me want to hang ornaments from all of the fans just to see them move.

  4. Gorgeous, and perfect for Christmas.

  5. Oh this blue version is very pretty! And your McTavishing is excellent! I still haven't got that one mastered yet....

  6. Blues and whites are very soothing colors to use in a quilt. This one is Beautifully quilted!

  7. WOW!! The simplicity of the blues and whites makes this one a real beauty!! Thanks for rejuvinating this one at our tuesday archives!!

  8. Thanks for sharing this again. The blue/white scheme is so refreshing and your quilting really does make it look like those baubles could be twirling.


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