Thursday, March 19, 2015

New tool from the workshop

    After I shared the tip about using a magazine in place of a clapper last week, I got an email from Nicki.   She gave a challenge to Sir Old Man to make a "clapper" in the workshop.   Actually she shared a link to show how someone made their own clapper and then said she was sure Sir Old Man could fashion one for me.

  That was enough to  send him to the workshop!  One piece of oak scrap +
one large table saw + router + sanding = one clapper.
  Nice and square, smooth and easy to grip. Note the routed edge for ease of  handling....exactly right.

So how did it work?
Perfect!  It is long enough to cover the sting piecing blocks.   And they are nice and flat.
  So thanks to Nicki for the challenge, and to Sir Old Man for the new tool!

Update....Applause for the wood worker:
   In case you have a wood worker in your home...... Here is a link to instructions to make a tailor's clapper. 

More string blocks added.

The binding is sewn for the garden quilt.  I just need to stitch on a sleeve and add the label.....and wait for a dry day for a photo shoot.
I love progress!

Happy stitching.


  1. Two beauties in one post. I'm so glad Sir Old Man took the challenge & gave you a replacement for that "magazine clapper" that you were using. :) He did a beautiful job on your new clapper & I know you will use it every day. I love how your string blocks are coming along. They still remind me of soft, flowing waters.

  2. Perfect! I would to get the link and share it with Builder Bob as I would love one of these!

  3. Love your new tool. You have a talented hubby. Well, there's lots of talent in your household... that quilt is gorgeous, and amazing. You filled in all those protrusions too, didn't you. You are amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great idea. I struggle with getting the seams to lie flat. And I know a newly retired DH with oak scraps in his shop who could probably fashion one! Elated!

  5. Very well done Mr. Woodworker. Isn't this blog community amazing for sharing such great tips and techniques! Now we will all need a nice wooden clapper. Creative Clapper Bliss...

  6. Function and beauty--couldn't ask for more from a craftsman, or a quilter! : )

  7. I had just read about using a heavy book to weigh down freshly pressed seams and now I come across this post! Perfect timing. Mr Woodworker is quite handy :)

  8. Wonderful helpful post! Beautiful blocks! Since I have Handy Hubby I'd like to know the dimensions of your finished clapper. Handy Hubby has lots of scraps ��

  9. Great idea and I appreciate the tips. Thanks for sharing. Definitely an excellent #CreativeGoodness idea and your quilt is beautiful too!


  10. Fun to have a handy man in the workshop! Glad you got your blocks to lie flat.

  11. Deb this is soooooo cool and such a handy idea!! Thanks for resharing at TA this week!


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