Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Doll quilt from Our Circle of Friends

   Christmas has started early......I felt like I needed to decorate a tree after opening a large box full of doll quilts!

  The group is called Our Circle of Friends.....formerly known as the HGTV Message Board, which closed,  and vanished like the wind.  These gals are so committed to quilting and each other that they simply moved their group and set up a new forum.  You can visit them here.   They have a variety of on-going projects, and things to participate in.  Recently, some of the members went on a retreat in Florida, where they managed to include a "Doll Quilt Challenge"  in their activities.  

   Here are two of their creations that I think might reflect a few of  the other things on their agenda over the weekend.   Notice the tropical fabric....a theme fabric for the challenge.
Colorful and fun!

There's the challenge fabric in blue, too.

  A pair of whole cloth doll quilts.....hand quilted and a delight to see.  A dainty print was used for the binding.  Just precious!

  And the one on the right has a label that explains this doll quilt was made in memory of McPatches, who died recently.  Mary Ann, aka McPatches, was a dearly loved group member and had been an ardent Mrs. Claus for a few years.  She made boxes of quilts for this project.  I thought this was so sweet.

You just never know what those crazy quilting gals will do!  Thanks to all who had fun and participated in the challenge.

And one more quilt.....from Claire, who is a member of this group.  Her doll quilt arrived a few weeks ago, and I was waiting to lead off the doll quilt season with it.  Thanks, Claire, Mrs. Claus from NH!
  Quilt show is over....time to get to sewing.  Happy stitching.


  1. Some very fun quilts. I especially like the one of the kids playing in the water. Such a clever use of the fabrics.

  2. That was so much fun to look at all the wonderful and fun little quilts. I will want to go back and look some more.

  3. I love seeing the doll quilts and glad to see you get the first group in - these gals do such a terrific job. I was waiting to see when you were collecting - have some ready to be sent on.

  4. The doll quilts are fun to make. Did you find my "love from Minnesota" quilt in the pile? It is my contribution for the project.
    It is blue/yellow and features bees. Chanlady

  5. Good morning Connie...I so enjoyed seeing the unique doll quilts all you kind and generous women make. My favorite is the one with the children having fun in the water, and the little girl that receives this one, I'm sure, will have a huge smile on her face. They are all beautiful, but this one pulled at my heartstrings. I've begun sewing for Christmas (32 gifts for family), but have been sidetracked with a rotator cuff tear. Hope you have a good day! lv2bquilting2@comcast.net

  6. These are wonderful! I love the colors and of course the Florida inspiration. I don't understand that board just going away like that, I thought it was pretty active, I'm glad they found a way to keep going.

  7. I always enjoy your doll quilt post pictures : )

  8. What some intriguing little quilts. An inspiration.

  9. Thanks for posting these little quilts as they come to you. I'm so very proud of our quilting board for committing to help you each year with these. You are such an encouragement to all of us who make these.


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