Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Feathered out!

    I started quilting the feathers on the English Garden quilt a week ago....and now, I am feathered out.   It takes a lot of concentration and control when filling in specific areas.   All the open areas are filled, and it is on to the borders.  No feathers for them, just some meandering and a few swirls probably.  

    I used large plumes on this one, otherwise i would still be filling in.  I found I was having a challenge getting the corners filled in because of the zig-zag layout.  So in some places I did a lot of back-track stitching, and in others I added an extra plume and started off again.   In the grand scheme of things, those "funky" spots will never be noticed.

    When I needed a break, I turned to some doodles.  These  things are absolutely addictive for me.   Playing around with a few different shapes and those lines of Mctavishing designs for fill ins sent me off in a new direction for this batch.  
    I picked up a new batch of paint cards and found more gel pens at the dollar store this I am set for break times.
    I need to clean and oil Hot Legs before I go any further with the stitching.  She has had a good workout.
Happy stitching.


  1. What pretty feathers. I can see why you are ready for a break. Happy doodles!

  2. Your feathers are just gorgeous, Deb!

  3. Hot Legs has had a good workout--and so have you! Wonderful feathers. I would expect nothing less from you!

  4. The feathers are gorgeous, as usual, you really do such beautiful quilting. Your doodles remind me of Zentangles, so pretty.

  5. Lovely! I have a zig-zag-y quilt top on my quilting pile - I like the way you have done the feathers on yours - thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Your feathers are gorgeous! They are such fun to do, even though intensive concentration is required. My favorite kind of FMQ.


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