Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Motion quilting---butterfly wings

     I mentioned the free motion quilting when I shared this table runner.  I got a question about it from Fran.  She asked how I moved from one area to another on this one.

   Originally, I did a post last August when I began practicing this stitch.  Click her for that post.

  Since this is not an original design I did not do a tutorial.  The design is from LuAnn Kessi's sketchbook.   Go to her blog to check out the is filled with design ideas for free motion.   I refer to it a lot....and I have lovingly stolen/swiped/copied many of her motifs.

My prior explanation....

  Individual plumes are stitched and then outlined to form that wing look.  Note----you end up back where you started stitching.  Generally 3 plumes, then outline to form the wing shape.  But sometimes you only have enough room for 2 plumes, and that is fine.

  The head of my plumes are about 1/2" to 3/4" to the size of the bobbin.  I did have to remind myself to remember to change/alternate direction that the plume tilted.  
   So, grab your drawing pad, make a few plumes until you get the hang of this one.   Practice is all it takes.  Thanks, Fran.....great question.

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