Saturday, March 14, 2015

On my return

   Finally, I feel like I have turned the corner and returned to the land of the living and sewing.  We have a new heat pump, and the sun came out this afternoon.  Life is just full of blessings!
   I hit the sewing room for a bit this morning and tackled the finishes for a couple of small projects that had been pushed aside.  
    This table runner needed the binding.  It has been sitting since December I know.  I love the blues, as they are nice and soothing.  
   I know I found the pattern on Pinterest, but it may have came from a magazine originally.

Machine appliqued stems and leaves.  I practiced the butterfly wings quilting on this one.  It gives great texture.

  A sling bag  needed a strap--a la the link from a couple of weeks ago from Pinterest.  I used decorator weight fabric scraps from old decor projects.  I had the "D" rings, but not the slider ring to make the strap I just did a very long strap for across the body style.
    I also adjusted the size of the large bag by 2" overall.  The small size was too small and the large just seemed so big.  I think that makes it a Mama Bear sling bag!

   I think I will drop in for a visit to the workshop and see what mischief Sir Old Man is up to.   And if there is even time, I will work on some binding for the garden quilt.   Happy stitching. 


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad to hear you have sunshine too. It makes the world of difference in a day. We had 3 degrees March 3 in the morning and 60 degrees on March 13. What a wild beginning to spring! Your tablerunner is pretty; love the shading in the blues.

Sheila said...

LOVE your table runner and your NEW purse! Does it close with a zipper?

Dana Gaffney said...

I love that table runner, those blues are gorgeous and of course the quilting is perfect.

Janet O. said...

Gorgeous table runner, Debbie. Soothing is a good description. I feel as if I have peeked through some foliage to find a pretty little sunlit pond!
Nice job on the bag, too. : )

Quilting Babcia said...

Lovely table runner. Small projects are wonderful sometimes for the (almost) instant gratification of getting something finished! Spring may be on the way here as well, some 50 degree days and the snowpack is down to less than a foot now except for the big piles along the driveway.

Sylvia Anderson said...

Good morning Debbie.....I have the identical table runner waiting for binding, without the applique in the borders. I am undecided as to what I want to applique, and was thinking of a dragonfly or stemmed flower. I love this pattern and plan on making more in different color hues. Enjoy the day!

Fran said...

Your table runner is beautiful, and I love the Butterfly wings FMQ. I just revisited your FMQ tutorials but didn't see that one, dare I ask you to show us how you move from one part of the design to another? Glad you are feeling well enough to get back to your sewing!

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