Saturday, April 18, 2015

Disaster Response for quilters

   Today Sir Old Man is off to take training for Disaster Response Team in our he needs another volunteer project?    He attempted to interest me....but for some reason I do not have a desire to learn "Mud Out/Ashes Out".  And secondly it can be intensely physical and guess  who is a total klutz?

  Yet......I am joining a Disaster Response Team....for quilters.  Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts  shared a call (very timely for me)  from  Quilts of Compassion---Facebook link here ---- for quilts for their Disaster Response Team.   There is an urgent need for quilts for the victims in Illinois after the tornadoes.   I have one ready to go.  And a real purpose for those scraps I love to stitch.

  So while I am changing the layout of my Let's Book It project....that means I am adding sashing strips after doing a reset.....I am also doing a leader/ender  of lots of 4 patches.  I can then turn the 4 patches into another Disaster donation quilt.

  I also had time to think about why I hate to do sashings.  You can wander thru my house and look thru my quilt stack and not see a quilt with sashing between the blocks.
Insight:  Adding sashings to blocks is so absolutely boring for me.  I feel like I am running in place and getting no where.   At least when I am adding a border, I know I am approaching the finish.
  OK, break is over....time to take photos of the table those finished and will post tomorrow.  And then back to the sashing salt mine!  Happy stitching.  


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for the shout out and for re-posting the Quilts of Compassion. I don't mind sashings - it's the borders I hate. Have a lovely weekend.

Dana Gaffney said...

Sew quickly, I read on Cheryl's blog they want the quilts there by May 7th, I'm going through my piles in the closet.
I'm with you, sashing is a pain.

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