Thursday, April 9, 2015

Home Ties

   Spring is here in full force. Flowers in bloom, warm temps---84 degrees today---with cool mornings.   So this quilt is just what is needed for early mornings on the porch...along with a nice cup of coffee.

   I finished up the scrappy binding yesterday, for a finish this month.  Yay!  I had debated on a border for this one, but instead I opted for just a nice snuggle size of 50" by 60".  

  Simple straight line quilting on this one.  I almost used an all over swirl, and then decided to keep it clean and simple.  I just wanted to accent the diagonal lines of the blocks rather than weight it down with too much thread.

   I began putting these blocks together last December, so this one has been hanging around for a while.  The block is Carolina Chain from Bonnie Hunter.   Originally shown in Quiltmaker 2010, here is a link to see the block.  I believe Bonnie has put this into one of her latest books.....but it is simple enough to figure out just from the photos.  Wink.....I am thinking about a floral version using 2" strips this time along with batiks.

  A simple scrappy binding.....I just dug through the bin with leftover binding pieces and sewed them together.    This is one of my favorite "waste not" techniques.   Eventually, every binding scrap finds a home.
  Home Ties is done....and looking for a home. I have somebody in mind for this one ;D
  I love a motivates me to move forward and think ahead.   That means I need to do some cutting.   And ponder the layout for the strings I took off the design wall.  I think I have an idea that just might satisfy me.
Happy stitching.


Janet O. said...

Nice job, Debbie! Oh, florals and batiks will be pretty!

Impera Magna said...

Beautiful quilt finish, Debbie! I love your "waste not, want not" attitude!

Hope the pollen ain't too bad over your way...

Nicki said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Florals would be beautiful also.

Dana Gaffney said...

That is so pretty! I like the straight line quilting, it draws attention to the chain.

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