Monday, April 13, 2015

Variations on table runners

  I hope you grabbed the Piano Keys pattern from Craftsy by Connie at Freemotion on the River    that I shared on Friday Finds.   She says it is the #4 best seller!

  Since I was cutting another project I threw in a couple of table runners to play with.  First, I did one in with a background in blue/gray print.  I did some power stitching....sewing the units together for each size.  Then I cut them apart and pressed before the layout to join them.

  I was working with leftover strips that were already cut at 2 1/2".   My variety was slightly limited on the precut size.    Yet the design turned out great.  Within a couple of hours, a table runner ready to be quilted.

  And this is the year of my floral out came the box of 2" strips.  The 2" strips of florals were cut to the same lengths as the pattern said, only the overall size is ends up at 32" long.
  This is the first half.

Viola....a mistake makes it a surprise!
Somehow, I ended up with the same fabric on the end positions on the right side.  I could have un-stitched a few strips, but instead  I  reversed the layout to put the background in the center.  ( Boy...this needs a good pressing before quilting.)  I like the variation with the floral fabrics.

  I think matchstick lines for the quilting on the blue one.  And some feathers for the floral....I am sure you expected that,  lol.

Insight:  Mistakes are opportunity for design options.  Go ahead, make a mistake and see where it takes you.

Happy stitching.


  1. Those are both going to make beautiful table runners. I ordered by free pattern & will make it someday. Thanks for the link. I bet your wooden clappers will make that runner as flat & smooth as ever! :) Don't you just love it when mistakes turn into marvelous surprises?

  2. Looks beautiful Debbie! I have had fun arranging a couple with the center section with the background color too. I love the one with all of your florals! Thanks for the shout-out also and I can't wait to see them all quilted!!

  3. I love your floral mistake, it's going to be even better once you've worked your feather magic.

  4. I love the floral one so pretty. I grabbed the pattern for future use but now I'm thinking today is far enough in the future for me.

    Robin in Washington State
    assweetaspeaches hotmail

  5. Your runners are both gorgeous. Can't wait to see them quilted. Love the idea that you changed the layout - I hate ripping and often do things like that. I grabbed the pattern but haven't had a chance to make it yet. ~Jeanne

  6. Oh, I love them both! It's so fun to see different variations!

  7. I agree with you about mistakes being an opportunity for design options. Especially in quilting the piece. I do not like to rip out quilting stitches. If I can work a mistake into the design I do. My last one, making a curl in the wrong direction, actually was a better design choice than my original idea.

  8. I really like your floral "design option", and feathers will make a beautiful finish!

  9. I love these! Especially the floral with the white center :)


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