Thursday, April 2, 2015

Where have all the flowers gone?

   All the floral fabrics have gone to Fletcher,  NC!  I found an abundance/plethora/amazing quantity  of beautiful fabrics yesterday at Foam and Fabrics Outlet.  Not the modern prints---most of the newer prints do not work for me---- that I always seem to find, but the packed and mixed floral fabrics I love to use in my watercolor quilts.  Of course, I spotted this batch of purple fabrics right away.
   Sir Old Man was very patient and willingly carried my selections to the cutting table.  Along the way he was trying to understand my packed floral,  light background, blending, and transitional fabric.  

  There were several tables filled with flat fold fabrics, and one table was just batiks.  I found a beautiful variegated dark blue/purple/green.   Another couple of gals were also looking at it.....but in the end they gave it up to me..... at $4.99 a yard I just took it all.  I do have a plan for it, so no guilt about adding to the stash.  

   In response to a couple of email questions......I do not buy by the collection.  Most collections you pick up in a fat quarter pack or jelly roll  do not work for my style of fabric selection.  Those collections tend to contain fabrics with very similar values, and plaids or stripes, which are just not something I use.  I  prefer to use a variety of values and size of prints also.

   These are the ones I came home with....I bought yards.  Many times I only purchase 1/2 yard cuts because you can get a lot of 2" squares from that.  I have a plan for at least 3 of them.  Recently,  I donated the blooming nine patch quilt that I made several years ago.  I have a desire to make another one to keep, but my stash did not have fabrics with enough yardage for one.  By filling in with a few new purchases, I believe I can put one together now.
  We rounded out the day with a stop at the original destination for Sir Old Man.....a new woodworking/tool store.  He needed new drill bits....actually he wanted additional bits.  Just another way to build his stash of tools!  While he looked for a special sand paper, I browsed the book selection for him.  Ah.....I found a book on making small boxes, and a foot stool, and a small cabinet I could use.
By now, both of our wallets-- and cash stash--- were depleted......luckily  I still had a gift card that we used for a late lunch.   A good day trip for both of us.

   Time to wash up some fabric, get it bolted, and make some plans.  Oh yeah, there is other laundry to do, dinner to plan, and other chores to fill  out the day's plans.   Just a thought------ Do you realize how many more quilts we could complete if that other stuff didn't take up so much time?  
Happy stitching....and egg hunting!


Janet O. said...

Sounds like you two made the most of your day.
I remember shopping for fabrics with my Mom when she was doing her watercolor quilt. It is a very different fabric mindset from what most of us are used to!

Mary said...

What a wonderful day the two of you had! Enjoy your new treasures.

ladibug said...

Have you gone to Black Mountain fabric and foam. It is just amazing
With the same prices and yes a mountain of fabrics .
I spent my lunch money too. But is was alone and from fla.

Dana Gaffney said...

Oh, lots of pretties. I love that you browse the patterns in Sir Old Man's store and find things you want him to make, I have to try that.

Nicki said...

You sure did good on your fabric selections during your shopping trip. Those florals will really look pretty in your future quilts. Sounds like your DH had a great trip also. One can never have too much in their stash....rather it's fabric or tools! :)

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