Monday, September 14, 2015

A huge round of doll quilts

The mailbox was stuffed, and boxes stacked on the porch this week.  Mrs. Claus around the world has been busy.

From my next state over neighbor....Mrs. Claus of Georgia, aka wannaquilt2 of the Our Circle of Friends group sent 2 quilts that made me smile.  Jumping frogs, frogs on surf boards....too cute....and a pink and purple strip quilt.  Her quilts represent the state of Washington this year.   Thank you, Mrs. Claus of Georgia.

Three cute ones arrived from PattyJ, who is Mrs. Claus of Wisconsin.  She is a member of the Our Circle of Friends, also.  She made a blue patchwork quilt, and 2 out of soft flannel.  Just perfect.

Thank you, Mrs. Claus of Wisconsin.

Another package....Another "recruit" from Our Circle of Friends forum  is Mrs. Claus of Australia, aka Trish.  She made this beautiful color wheel star!  What a wonderful little quilt that grabs your attention.
  Yet, as I read her note,  I was over-whelmed.  There were 6 more quilts in the package that had been made by her son.

 I have named him "Elf Caleb"....a wonderful Mrs. Claus helper.  Trish said he is 9 years old, and very kind hearted.  He completed these next quilts on his own after she did the cutting.

 Wonderful....and I bet he helped pick out the cute fabrics too.  The jungle fabric is so great....and more frogs!

And his final two.....Thank you, Mrs. Claus of Australia, and to your big hearted helper, Caleb, for participating and making this project successful.

The largest box so far this year arrived from Missouri.  Shirley is a new Mrs. Claus and she has really been rolling.  I counted 35 quilts from Mrs. Claus of Missouri.  A big assortment of doll quilts made from panel fabrics and novelty prints.....alphabet, to frogs, to tea pots and cupcakes.  Just adorable.

And scrappy ones!  Just a delightful  mix of fabrics, and colors, and prints.  Pinwheels, and all goes in and comes out so cute.

 I think she put a dent in the stash.
Thank you, Mrs. Claus of Missouri.

  Then there is the long awaited box.  We thought it was lost.  I got an email from Mrs. Claus of Montana  checking to see if it arrived.  We both began following the tracking number....from Montana it went to Washington state, as Mrs. Claus said "you know, way over there on the west coast".     It reminded me of the 2 summers I worked for the post office while in college.  After 8 hours of tossing packages in huge bags,  what does it matter if one goes the wrong direction?

  But I digress.  The box returned to Montana, and then was sent to the central US.  Didn't they know I lived east of the Mississippi?  Then it was the holiday....which was probably the cause of the mis-direction.  Finally, Sir Old Man checked and said the box was in NC.  Closer.....and then it came.  Since I have played around with this, here is what was inside.

Bozie of the Our Circle of Friends is Mrs. Claus of Montana.  I class her as a master quilter with a special talent for small quilts.  The color choices and piecing are spectacular.
  Her reputation precedes her.  She is  well known through her donations to the Art Quilt Initiative for Alzheimer's Research.

Two more.....see what I mean?  That Dresden plate quilt is just fabulous.  And the striped binding looks like it is piping.

And she did not fail me....but included a purple one on the butterfly applique.  Be sure to enlarge this photo and see those tiny, tiny cornerstones on the other one.
Thank you Mrs. Claus of Montana for helping  and your wonderful work.

We are over the top in the number of quilts needed to complete this year!  Ahead of schedule and yet right on time!  Any future quilts that arrive will start our next year donations.  Thank you to all the effort, and work done by the Mrs. Claus participants---and helpers---you are the greatest!  


Janet O. said...

I wondered if you would get any from Montana this year. They are stunning. I have to study them enlarged.
Lots of doll quilt goodness from all over. Thanks for sharing them with us, Debbie. : )

Quilting Babcia said...

What gorgeous quilts from so many generous souls. I hope I'll be able to participate next year. So many little ones will be so happy come this Christmas.

Nicki said...

What a great feeling it must be to have enough quilts for 2015. I'm loving each & every doll quilt show you put on for us to enjoy. Elf Caleb's quilts put a smile on my face...I love his selections of fabric.

Dana Gaffney said...

So beautiful! Elf Caleb has earned full Mr. Mrs. Claus status, how wonderful to see him joining in.

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