Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Mrs. Claus quilt show

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Mrs. Claus has been busy.  Let's show those elves our stuff!

From Mrs. Claus of Washington, aka crazy'boutquilts on Our Circle of Friends.  She explored new horizons with some out of this world fabric in the bottom quilt.
The upper quilt is so cute....lots of decorative stitches for the quilting and the three appliques are layered with more decorative machine stitching.
Thank you, Mrs. Claus of Washington, for these 2 beauties.

    Mrs. Claus of Kansas, aka wildcatmom on the Our Circle of Friends forum sent two also.  The puzzle quilt is such a playful delight.  A simple design that reminds us of the fun a child has putting together those puzzle pieces.

Her second quilt is just beautiful.  Wonderful pastel fabrics make this little postage stamp quilt so sweet.....and the zing comes from the purple and turquoise accents.  A random arrangement is unexpected and I love it for inspiration.

   Nicki is Mrs. Claus from Texas.  She is also the fearless, and supportive leader of the Mrs. Claus project on the Our Circle of Friends forum.

Both of these quilts are very soft and colorful.  She used left over fabrics from make burp pads and baby quilts.  One has a backing of minky fabric.  Mrs. Claus says she learned not to iron this fabric or you have flat dots.  A good tip to remember!

    Two more from Mrs. Claus of adorable cat applique with a purr-fect kitty print for the backing.   She says the pattern is from Fat Cat Patterns.  I love the flippy tail wrapped around the heart!

 She used leftovers from another quilt for the blue pinwheels.  She thought they were a little wonky, but I think they are delightful in this one of a kind setting.
  Thank you, Mrs. Claus.....each one is great!

  Will Quilt for Chocolate is Mrs. Claus from Texas, too.  She is also a member of Our Circle of Friends.   This little quilt may fool your is all raw edge appliqued.
    Mrs. Claus used a zig-zag stitch around each piece, as well as the outer edge.  A quick finish in place of binding.
Thank you, Mrs. Claus!

    From Mrs. Claus of Arizona, aka Wiley at Our Circle of Friends comes a pinwheel quilt.  These tessellating pinwheels always amaze me.  I love the color arrangement that she used.
  Thank you, Mrs. Claus of Arizona.

    Mrs. Claus of Pennsylvania, aka 3grandkids on Our Circle of Friends has been busy too.  She used leftover/orphan quilt blocks to make 2 similar quilts.....note the variations of the sizes and the borders.   A good lesson in design here.   By the way, her applique stitching is beautiful!

This special beauty is also from Mrs. Claus of  Pennsylvania.   It reminds me of a NC lily block.....but a little different.  It still is beautiful.  Thank you, Mrs. Claus.


   And a little extra surprise from a friend of Mrs. Claus.  Her friend wanted to participate and chose to make a red and green patchwork doll quilt.  Of course, we must so name her  Mrs. Claus of Pennsylvania II.  Thank you for helping.

   From Mrs. Claus of New York....aka Vrooman's Quilts.  She sent me a box full of little delights. The first is a colorful patchwork of squares.  I love that striped binding to pick up every color she used.

  Mrs. Claus of New York is known for her stash of scraps.....squares and triangles.  She used both here.  Check out those vertical rows of triangles.....he never tires of them.  If you need an idea about storing your bits of fabric stash, be sure to visit her blog and see what she does.  Sharon's blog at Vrooman's Quilts  click here. 

    Mrs. Claus of New York loves her sure to see the antics of Moe.  Sharon used cat themed fabric in both of these.

   But look at what she did for the quilting!  She followed the zig-zag pattern of the fabric and got a wonderful chevron design.  I so love this one!

  I got to thinking that I should check the back of her other items.....sure enough there was an animal fabric on the back of one.

     And a final surprise was included.....3 of her minis all from her stash of leftover triangles.  Thank you, Mrs. Claus of New are so great in supporting this project.

  And more on the way, we hear.  Sir Old Man just checked the tracking on a missing package and finally.....the postal service figured out that the destination of SC is not on the west coast!
  This show is a wrap.....I do hope you find some love and inspiration from one of these.  I also hear the woodworking elves are in the final stages of production for the year.  Deliveries begin soon......thank you to all the Mrs. Claus who help keep this project going.  Hugs and happy stitching.  


Mary said...

It is so inspiring to see how this project has touched the hearts of quilters from so many places. I still remember the scramble the first year to collect quilts on short notice.

Dana Gaffney said...

These are great, there's so much color and so many different styles. I've said it before, opening these packages must be so much fun.

sunny said...

What great quilts! Mrs. Claus in Maryland would like to send some to you, too. Could you please send me your address again? Thanks.

Pattilou said...

Great quilts by Mrs. Claus! It's fun to see the creativity.

Janet O. said...

Wow, so much to enjoy here, Debbie. Thanks for the show!

Lindah said...

Wow! Mrs. Claus is very talented and very creative. You go, girl!

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