Saturday, September 5, 2015

A watercolor and something new

   Pardon my senior moment........I can't remember if I even showed this watercolor banner  in progress.  It has been on the design wall for a while waiting for the border to be cut and added.
  The inspiration was  a captured moment in the garden as a butterfly winged its way past me.  The sunlight danced on his wings as he headed to the blooming lilies dripping with nectar.    
One Moment finished at 16'' by 32''.

But I promised something new......

  At least, it is a new style for me.  I wanted to use a corner label that is attached along with the binding.   I usually write "a whole book" on my quilt labels, but on simple/small projects the corner label is a great idea.

   I spent forever trying to figure out how to position the label for printing so I could get the needed square.  My brain was not working that day.   More senior moments occurred until I realized I was making this so much harder than it was.   LOL....... I printed a regular label.

  Then scraps and strips were added to each side to make it large enough....I added a big chunk of muslin as the top piece (since it would be hidden anyway).   At last, I could cut the label  as a square on point .    The square was then folded in half on the diagonal and top stitched on the fold.  It was ready to add to the corner and bind.  
   Yep, I was exhausted after re-inventing the wheel.   It was time for a cup of coffee before I tried to learn another new trick.    Happy stitching.


  1. I wonder how much time I've used trying to get my quilt labels to print on point - it never occurred to me to print and add the triangular sides and bottom. THANKS! Love your watercolor quilt - it is gorgeous. ~Jeanne

  2. What a good idea, so much better than some of the other's I've seen. Thanks for doing the work for us, LOL.

  3. You shared the in progress, but not the finish. I do corner lables, but this is something different and thank you for sharing.

  4. Maybe I would label more pieces if I follow your lead and do a corner label. Sometimes just hand writing the label with permanent pen works best for me.

  5. Oh My ! I love this banner ,Table top or wall hanging with the butterfly! It is so beautiful! and most of all I love your corner Label, I hope this will modivate me to do more labels ! Seems I am always in a hurry to get them done, I forget to make labels until I am done,I like the idea of sewing them into the quilt like this .

  6. Beautiful quilt! I bought a book of watercolor quilts a couple of years ago, but I haven't braved starting one yet. I don't think I have any appropriate fabrics, and I'm not quite sure how to start. One day . . . . .

  7. One Moment is gorgeous, Debbie. And you created a lovely butterfly!
    Isn't it funny how we make things more difficult for ourselves sometimes?
    Your corner label is much prettier than mine. I just do a plain square and fold it. : )

  8. Your banner is beautiful. The border really sets the whole piece off. I love your label. I "sort of" copied that idea from you for one of my doll quilts except it's not on point. You will see it soon when I send my last 2 little quilts to you. Thanks for showing us a new way to do things.

  9. Love your quilt and the way you made the label!

  10. I don't recall seeing the butterfly watercolor banner before, but it is gorgeous. Tried making a triangular corner label awhile back but just hand wrote the info with pigma pen. I do like the way they lend a professional look to the finish.

  11. I LOVE corner labels! So nice to see another way to do it. Thanks!


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