Saturday, September 19, 2015

Filling the cabinet

  Where have I been?  Right here.  What has been going on?  Cleaning out and moving things around.   I have been too exhausted to do more than read a few blogs.

 A couple of months ago, I shared a post about a very large, very old storage cabinet that Sir Old Man was it here.   This week it was ready to be disassembled in the workshop and moved to the house.  That meant I needed to empty the smaller wardrobe that was there.   So I have been sorting through stuff in the small cabinet...... figuring out what to keep, give away, donate, etc.

It was no easy task, but Sir Old Man got the cabinet to the house and set it position.    It is a very large cabinet and dominates its space.  I hung a long runner over one door to soften the effect.  And it is very hard to get a good photo as there is a window right next to it.....sorry for the glare.

Then the real work Sorting the quilts, and wall hanging  to fold and place into the cabinet.

   Most of the smaller quilts and wall hangings are on the left side, with the large ones on the right.   Near the bottom I pulled and rolled the quilts that will be entered in the quilt show in a couple of weeks.

  I also decided  to sort out the quilts that would travel to Columbia for the presentation and class in November.  They fill two shelves, but this will make it easier to already have them set aside.

    Sir Old Man used some shelving he had salvaged from  the  clear out of items from the woodworker's guild.   He did a glue up of the boards, and painted them white.  He also freshened the inside with milk paint...buttermilk yellow, just like the original color.

  There are holes and dings that show.....but I love them for their character and personality.  Maybe a little worn and rough about the edges....but filled with quilts to cover you with a little love and color.

  But I am only showing you the end....I need to mention that to find all the quilts and wall hangings I had to open the dreaded hall closet door, as well as the closet in the guest bath.
So if I am pulling things got it, let's get rid of the excess.  I have 3 very large bags to donate, and 2 big bags for the trash.  And one final stack to decide on.
  That has been my thing just naturally lead to another.  I am glad it is almost done.  I'll be happy to return to some sewing and baking.
Happy stitching.


  1. What a beautiful job your DH did on that cabinet. I had to go back to your link to see what he had to start with. Now I remember those home made bolts & that beautiful dove-tail work. It looks like you have ample room for more quilts in it.

  2. Wow, no wonder all was quiet from your corner of the world! My compliments to Sir Old Man. The cabinet is beautiful! A perfect storage for quilts. And a beauty to look at. Do you catch your breath in awe each time you enter the room? Wow, again.

  3. Ух, сколько одеялок! Красота!

  4. It is wonderful that Sir Old Man could fix you such a lovely, useful piece. I'm looking forward to your visit in Nov. with GCQ and seeing your work in person.

  5. What a beautiful addition to your studio! I also love vintage pieces, dings and all. Your hubby did a great job and congrats on the cleaning-out progress.

  6. What a great cabinet! It has to feel so good to have most of the cleaning out behind you. I always hate that job but love when it's done. ~Jeanne

  7. Wow, that turned out sooo nice. You must love all of that room with some to spare but I'm sure you'll fill it quickly, LOL. Cleaning out closets always is satisfying to me, it's amazing how much stuff is in them and that "domino effect" which leads to another and another, you can sit and sew knowing you got so much done.

  8. Good for you Debbie! It's always so self satisfying to accomplish a big project, which is something I'm in the middle of doing right now. I have photo albums of all different sizes, ages and conditions, along with a huge box of envelopes stuffed with photos that never made it into albums, and have decided to sort them all into some kind of order, dividing them amongst our 4 children and 10 grandchildren. This will take months, so I, ever so carefully (lol) shoved them all back into their hidey holes for an 'after the holidays' winter project, when all my Christmas gift making will be over and done with.

  9. Isn't it a good feeling when a piece of antique furniture with family history is able to be renovated and begin a new life!
    You have lots of storage room for your quilts in here, and it seems as if lots of bloggers are having clear outs and re-thinking what they feel they would like to keep - I think I might be next!

  10. When it's time to clean and sort and discard, it's time! And yes, it takes time and is tiring, but oh, when you're done, it is rewarding... Somehow, I get sidetracked in this venue, but it is always with relief that I put out that bag to the trash, or pass it on to someone else.... Now, I have few more closets to sort through.. !

  11. What a beautiful cabinet and quilt collection. It must be nice having them together like that.

  12. What a beautiful cabinet Debbie and perfect to store your quilts!!


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