Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Finds

Shorter days, cooler nights means changing seasons.  Time to think about Autumn finally!  To spiff up your decor, you might check out a couple of these places.

Fall Quilt Project: Autumn Glow
Free projects are all over this page at  
From small quilts, to blocks, to appliques.....PDF projects are free to use.  Several projects from Thimbleberries, which are always so great.  Even if you are not making a seasonal project this year, you might want to grab the pattern for later.

This leaf is made by hammering an actual leaf onto the fabric to create a print, and then #quilting the outline and veins:

At   Bloom bake create  I found a tutorial for what she calls hammered leaves......leaf pounding/flower pounding.    I like her idea of using a real hammer......that means I get to swipe something from the workshop when I play around with this technique.   Simple straight stitching brings out the details.  Great to use on many small projects.

Meadow (a quilt tutorial)mixed sizes of tossed 9 patch used.:
From Bonjour Quilts

And a design idea......I found this at Bonjour Quilts.    Using 3 sizes of the Tossed 9 Patch block, she created a lot of visual interest for the background.  Appliqued flowers stretch from corner to corner.  While the color palette is not one I would select,  I found it interesting for  using the multiple sizes.  Done in seasonal colors....or batiks....this
could be fun to play with.

A Few Scraps: Quilt as you Go tutorial: Joining your quilted pieces by machine:
From A Few Scraps

A Few Scraps offered up a very good tutorial on joining Quilt As You Go blocks.    This is not a process that I like, yet Christina has some very good tips in her tutorial that make me think I might do this one day.  At least I pinned it for future reference.  Check out her blog for some excellent free motion lessons.....her second book was just published, too.   I like her simple direct style.

  As always, visit the links to pin from the source.  Happy stitching.


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great links Debbie, I always enjoy your Friday Finds. I didn't find the page with the hammered leaves on Bloombakecreate but.....lots of other great posts! I just might have to make a few mandalas!

Janet O. said...

More great "finds", Debbie!
I really like the quilting design in the blue fabric on your last "find".

Lynda said...

Debbie, Thank you so much for featuring my hammered art on your Friday Finds. I have a piece of fabric prepared to do that again but haven't gotten around to it. Now I fear that the leaves will be way too dry. But then there is always next year! Thanks again.

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