Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More doll quilts

    I am having internet service problems this week.  Two hours to write a post is way too long.  Email is sporadic also.....so if I miss replying, please understand.  So enjoy the photos....some would only load as extra large.......a great collection this week.

  Three very cute quilts from Mrs. Claus of California.  Suestitches is a member of the Our Circle of Friends group.    The paper pieced kangaroo is just adorable, and hexagons and strings are always welcome!

Mrs. Claus of Ohio, aka Chlynn1129 is also a member of Our circle of Friends.  Her little quilt proves you can never go wrong with lots of 4 patches.  I love seeing a wonderful assortment of fabrics.   Mrs. Claus finished this off with decorative machine stitches for the quilting and binding.

Just for comparison, this Mrs. Claus used rectangles.  PatriciaAnne  is Mrs. Claus of Maryland and a member of Our Circle of Friends.  This is a great way to use up some scraps and still make something a little bit different.  She also used decorative stitching for the quilting.

Mrs. Claus of Texas, aka Nicki, finished off her little quilts with these two.  The pinwheel.....red and white is so striking....was made using the Easy Pinwheel method from Missouri Star Quilts.   And check out her Lots of Dots.....each of the fabrics features dots.  both of these turned out so cute!

What a beauty......sent by Mrs. Claus of Arizona, aka Kaylaquilts.  She is also a member of Our Circle of Friends.  The colors and stars are just beautiful.....and hand quilted.   She chose to represent Alaska with this quilt.  And she sent more....

 Two wonderful quilts of hexagons.  The dotted sashing is also used for the bindings.....and again Mrs. Claus hand quilted both!  Of course, I am partial to the purple one  :)  These represent Arizona and Missouri.

  Can you figure out which state this little quilt represents?  Hawaiian quilting in the traditional way for the island state of Hawaii.  And this is heavily quilted by hand in the Hawaiian style.....Mrs. Claus you out did yourself !

  Thank you all.....each Mrs. Claus is so special to me.  I cherish all the support and help.  The first delivery is soon.....the season is beginning.  Thanks again.  


  1. Гавайский квилт великолепен! Очень люблю красный цвет. :)

  2. Wow, there's a lot of really different ones that are so original. Sorry about the internet, are you having storms up there?

  3. Wow, there's a lot of really different ones that are so original. Sorry about the internet, are you having storms up there?

  4. I love getting to see all these beautiful dolly quilts gifted so freely and with such love.

  5. Another group of beautiful little quilts. I'm so impressed with all the wonderful techniques & time that has been put into all these quilts this year. So sorry about the internet problems. Ours blinks off about every 3 weeks for several hours each time.

  6. Such fun to see these beauties you receive. There are some incredible quilts here!

  7. They are soooooo cute. Thank you for sharing pictures, dear. I know the little girls will charish them.


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