Saturday, September 12, 2015

Plume pattern from EQ7

    After doing the EQ7 stitch lesson that I shared last Friday, I played around with those plumes.  I changed the size, used the vector tool, cloned them, flipped them and rotated the plumes.  What fun to play and memorize the steps as I  learned.

 The result was a page of plume the reversed image.  Perfect to use as a pattern for fusible applique.     Three in the corner of a block are cute.  They could be arranged in a wreath, or a tree.  And they would be perfect petals for a cone flower.


Dragonfly a la plume

  One more idea for plumes is to use them for dragonfly wings.   You could overlap them, or set them closer.  I drew the body, but it can be elongated or made fatter.

  Time to play with fusible and fabric.    I cut 2 background squares at 6 1/2'' out of a botanical toile fabric in brown and cream. I found a couple of other squares to experiment with.  Then I dug in the small scrap box for some autumn shades....very limited but this was just play time.
   I free hand cut the "stem" for the leaf cluster out of a dark green and added some plumes, mixing the colors to see how they played together.  I like the  whimsical feel of them.
  Ah...the the colors.  He will become a mug rug.

   That's as much creating as I can muster.....I feel a change of season cold/virus has arrived and lodged in my head.   I am starting on a new box of tissues, and sipping hot tea.  See you next week with another batch of doll quilts.  Happy stitching.



Dana Gaffney said...

I guess I need to get back to the EQ lessons, those are so cool and I have no idea how you made them. Love the dragonfly :)

Mystic Quilter said...

I too love your dragonfly. Hope you're back to playing soon when you lose that nasty cold/virus!

Quilting Babcia said...

Love that little dragonfly, what acute quilt label that would make. Hope you feel better soon.

Lindah said...

Ah, love that dragonfly. After reading your blog, I'll be seeing my quilting patterns with a new eye.
Sorry about the cold; hope it is short-lived.

Elvira said...

Gracias por los patrones, muy bonita idea

Sylvia Anderson said...

Good morning Debbie.....I love those shapes and have always wanted to work with them, so thanks for the ideas, especially the dragonfly, which I might use on a batik table runner I have sitting on in a pile of 'to finish' projects. Hopefully this allergy/cold won't blossom into anything major or long lasting, but you are doing the exact same thing I do when I start to feel off kilter, and that's the hot tea with lemon. Oh, so good! Hope you enjoy your day.

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