Thursday, December 17, 2015

A quick covered design wall

   The orange peels are assembled.....but the border idea was not working, so I won't even show it.  Instead, please notice the  new "cover" for the design wall!

   I ordered 90'' wide white flannel to pin over the old flannel.  It was dirty / dusty and needed to go.  But, as it was stapled down, I chose the easy route to cover it.  Using t-pins, we tucked the extra length under and pinned it to the edges.  A quick recover that can easily be removed and washed.    A very good thing!

  One more re-cycle idea.  I wanted a  box to keep my Quilty 365 circles in.  It needed to be small and have a lid.   I noticed an unused recipe box in the back of the cabinet earlier this week.  I did not really like the I pasted over it.  I had some handmade paper with leaves and such embedded into it that I thought I would try.   I just used tacky glue....modge podge probably would have done a nicer job.  This works for now and I have a safe place to store those finished circles.

 Packages are wrapped, cookies to bake.....and a couple more cards to write.  It's almost time for a nap.  Happy stitching.


  1. Great idea for the quilty 365 project. We used the T-pins on the design wall earlier this year. I love them because if that flannel stretches they're easy to remove and re-pin. Merry Christmas!

  2. T pins are great for fastening when re-covering a design wall, I did this with mine and it's worked great.
    Your orange peel is beautiful Debbie, I guess we'll see the border before too long. As Christmas will be here in a few days I'll wish you a very Happy Christmas!

  3. The peals look great - enjoy them as is for a bit, the border will come. Great recycle for a project box.

  4. Wow, the orange peel looks great, does it need a border? maybe just a frame border. The circle box is great, I like the look.

  5. Wow! You sure are getting a lot done on a bunch of different fronts. Great idea for using an old recipe box and handmade paper. Your orange peels look great too!

  6. Very pretty, Debbie!
    Good call on your design wall cover. I used T-pins to attach the cotton batting I use on my design wall. Someone had warned me that over time it could sag, so I thought that would make it easy to tighten up. After 4+ years it still isn't sagging.
    That is very pretty paper you used to cover your box.
    Sounds like you have the festivities under control! : )


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