Wednesday, December 30, 2015

For 2016---- Enjoy! word for 2016.  Enjoy what you are making, enjoy the process, and enjoy the finish.
   I am giving myself permission to begin a project, and if I am not enjoying it..... Stop, give it away, or toss it.   Recognize that some things may not be worth the effort and not everything turns out as you envision.  Accept it and find something you do enjoy.

   2016......what's ahead.

  • There are a couple of quilts waiting to be quilted.  I enjoy that.   A string donation quilt, and Birds in the Air need backing  before I get them quilted on Hot Legs.

  •  The  Orange Peels needs to be bordered......I decided to forgo the original border idea as it was competing with the design.  I will just keep it simple.  
  • Continue making circles for the Quilty 365.  I am throwing in half circles to allow for a staggered layout.  The plus is being able to use smaller scraps for those half circles!
    Dust Off Those Books
  • Enjoy the Let's Book It project.  While I have not picked patterns yet, I will continue with this on going challenge.  I will be looking for a few smaller project ideas after the mega marathon from last year of floral quilts.  I do have one small project set aside that will probably get started in January.
  • Friday Finds.......will continue in some manner for next year.  I have had emails asking if I was stopping since I only did one post in December.  I was surprised how many readers liked the "hunt" for quilts and tips.  

January will bring changes to here.    For readers of blogs, you will need to have a google account for following. The plus is that followers  can use the reader feature for blogs they do follow.   For bloggers, we may see a drop in followers as those followers without google accounts will be dropped.  I have yet to figure out how to have my posts show regularly  on Facebook, so those following on FB will need to do the google thing.  
   I know many use Feedly and  Bloglovin', and those readers will not be effected......just realize they are mirror sites and you do not get regular traffic from them.  That does not bother me, as I get no profit from my blog.  
   Confused, yet?   Me, too.  Just know, that blogger likes to kick up a fuss in the new year, just to keep us in line!  But us ''die-hards'' are tough and we won't let them stop us.  Just to be prepared, I am going to put in new blades for the rotary case I need to defend my territory.   Quilt on!

Update:  My posts may be missing from your dashboard that event you will need to re-follow this blog----that blogger/google thing is causing problems I fear.    I have found several blogs that disappeared from my list and had to be added again.   


Valerie Reynolds said...

Enjoy is a fantastic work....mine is: Fantastic. I Like selecting a word rather that a set out with a big to do list...I figure withthe right attitude I'll accomplish what I want. I agree with you...if you don't enjoy it...get rid of it...I have gotten rid of great things...but the cleasning is wonderful and it usually goes to a owner who enjoys win win. Now this google thing. I read that too. Yes, Confused. I follow most people on my blog roll. WOnder if that will be affected?? HMMM

Valerie Reynolds said...

PS: I follow you under my QUilty Friends side bar list:)

Mary said...

I love your word choice and it's certainly a good philosophy to adopt. I am so glad you are continuing Friday finds next year and thanks for the heads-up about Blogger changes.

Maker Joy said...

I like your word for the new year and it's a wonderful thing to remember when considering a hobby.

Thanks for the information on blogger changes. Wow, there are so many things to keep track of.

Nicki said...

Enjoy is a good word for 2016. I haven't come up with one for me but I'm in a thinking mode right now. I don't know anything about blogging but I think mine is a google account so it sounds like I might still be o.k. I guess I will know shortly. I like the Friday Finds & am glad you are continuing it in 2016.

Kate said...

Sounds like you've got a good plan for next year. Good luck with all your quilty adventures in 2016.

Quilting Babcia said...

Don't quite know what happened but Blogger is suddenly not putting your new posts into my dashboard. Good thing I also follow via email! Why do they do these things?! I may have to change my word for the year from thankfulness to frustration! BTW, I love the offset circles, way more interesting than the straight set I'd put up on my design wall. Let's just say your idea is about to be stolen. Happy New Year!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great new word for the new year - some finishes mixed with some smaller, fun projects.

Janet O. said...

Good choice of word for the new year.
You still show up on my list, but your posts haven't been showing. All of a sudden the last five posts just showed up on my dashboard as though you just posted them. What is with that?

Dana Gaffney said...

I had that happen with another blog, the only reason I knew she was blogging was because I was seeing her comments and clicked on her. You just showed up in my feed with five posts, not sure if you wrote five in a row or they just came through.

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