Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last minute sewing

   One last minute item to make after a quick trip to the J store.......a pillow case of Star Wars fabric for the newest fan!   I heard it was an exciting day for Remy when he saw the movie, so now he can dream of light sabers.  

  And a few circles for the week for Quilty 365......I think I missed a day or two.  But who is counting?   I am aiming for 300 to make a nice size throw.  While going through fabrics, I kept finding small pieces that were not wide enough for a circle.   What to do when I wanted to include it?  A light bulb went off when I played around with a layout.

  A staggered layout  means I need a half circle at the top and bottom of those rows.  Or a plain strip......so half circle is perfect to use for the smaller pieces I want to include.  Or I may stagger them across the rows.....that remains to be seen.

Anyway, this week I made:

   a red etched flower, chocolate for those critical days, scissors and thread for my passion, a luscious paisley, serene lavender and purple,  a bit of old world lace print,  and a memory of my Dad.

  Dad was a fisherman.....so the shirt print of fish is for him.  Family vacations were often to a fishing camp with the beach nearby.  I remember hunting for seashells on Sanibel Island, and another time waking up one morning to find a small shark in the kitchen floor!   I also remember how mad Mother was about that one!  I don't know what happened to the shark.....I grabbed my flip flops and went to the beach where it was safe.

   And now it is time to pick up the sewing room and wrap the last gift before I can enter the kitchen tomorrow and begin the prepping.  Sir Old Man will be the house boy for the clean up.......it's too dangerous to allow him to stir or cook!  That's okay, I get to be boss and make a mess.  
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy stitching.


Mary said...

Great idea on the half circles! How did the shark get on the kitchen floor? Merry Christmas back at you!

Debbie said...

My Dad was a joker also....the shark was his early morning "catch" and he thought it was funny to catch a shark!

MissPat said...

I have that oriental with the small lavender flowers. I just used a two inch strip of it in two different projects inspired by you!

Nicki said...

Remy is going to love those pillow cases. I think it's so cool for kids to have their own things like that. As a youngster we used what mom & dad used....the same with bath towels. One year for Christmas an uncle gave each of us kids a towel all our own (probably a Disney theme). To this day I still remember how very special it made me feel to have my "very own" bath towel.
Merry Christmas to you and your family & friends.

Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

The staggered layout will be super in look and for using those smaller pieces.
Merry Christmas to you and family.

Dana Gaffney said...

That was really thoughtful to make the pillowcases for Remy, I know he's going to love them. Shark on the kitchen floor, sounds like your Dad was a lot of fun, I hope you're mom appreciated it, LOL.

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