Sunday, December 13, 2015

Making cicles

  This was my week in circles........ I was mellow on the blue days.  I loved finding these two blue tonal prints....and having just enough to make a circle.
And of course, there needs to be a cardinal in this mix.

    But where did that red one come from?  It was Thursday.  By 4 pm I was seeing red and spitting nails as my Mom used to say.   It was a klutz day---and my toe still hurts--- and dealing with insurance changes, and then big changes to a gathering I had been looking forward to.  

   I went to the sewing room to "self-express" because my fuming was not helping me.  I saw this red and thought it would be a good reminder of the day.  Instead of  a neat/pretty buttonhole stitch, I used an awkward feather applique stitch on the machine.  

   The log cabin is paying homage to Sir Old Man, who sharpens my scissors, and washes up dishes after a baking marathon.   His  early years where spent in Alaska, so when I spotted this bit of fabric I wanted to honor that time for him.

    I am loving this Quilty 365 because it is a good excuse to prowl thru the stash.   There are small chunks of fabric saved from long ago that I have discovered and plan to include.   I pick out the fabric everyday.....and pin to a background.  Then every couple of days I stitch things down.
   Also, I am cutting out the backing fabric behind each circle applique.  Carefully!  It reduces the extra weight and bulk.

   I did the same thing on the orange peels quilt.  It is time consuming but the end result is so much better.  Anyway, I have three sets of rows joined and 2 more to go.

  Audrey at Quilty Folk is hosting the Quilty365......but she is sans computer right now!  I will link when she gets things back together.   If you are thinking about doing the circle thing, click on over and read about it.
Red Glitter Elf Made Me Do It Box Sign

P.S.  I heard that Mr. Dinks is hanging from the lamp today.
Happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

Your seeing red circle is so pretty to stand for "one of those days", I love the fussy cut ones.

Barbara said...

Oh wow...I love this idea. It occurs to me that I've purchased so many fabrics in our travels, and I'm always looking for regional prints. It would be fun to make circles from those special fabrics. I have some columbine fabric from Colorado, lighthouses from the Great Lakes region, cowboy fabrics from Wyoming, etc...What a fun way to create a memory quilt. Love what you've done here.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, red days - know them too well. Your circles are coming along nicely though.

Quilting Babcia said...

Your circles are looking fabulous - even your "red-day" one! I'm still on the fence about cutting away the backs. Did one but think I like the puffier look of keeping the backings on. Though I'm sure a large bed size quilt would quickly become cumbersome.

Janet O. said...

Sounds like Mr. Dinks is having quite the holiday!
I enjoy hearing about the circles that have special meaning behind them. Lots of memories will be stitched into that quilt.

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