Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday finds....January blocks

  Looking around I think there are two blocks that seem to be everywhere.  Is it the year of the circle or the bow tie?   I am doing the circle dance.....and the bow tie is on my list for this year's projects.  So maybe I am just noticing  things I like.

Val at Quiltyfolk blog is hosting the Quilty 365 challenge for the circles you see dancing all over the place.   These are a few of mine....I have added a half circle for a staggered layout.   And i will be introducing a smaller size of circle too...I think.
 Be sure to visit the linky party and see all the variations.   She also has a page of details on her blog.

Stitchin' Therapy: Bow Tie block:

Bow Ties board on here.   I have a good collection of layout ideas....X and O, blended, on-point, even a zig-zag one! Scrappy ones, ones in batiks, artistic ones. Surely one is calling to you.
This quilt now belongs to Remy....he needed a big boy quilt.

Stitchin' Therapy: Bow Tie block:
Over at Marcia's Crafty Sewing I saw the mini bow tie challenge.  366 days this year and you make a mini bow tie each day.  Or maybe for 6 months you make any size yo want?  If that is the case, check out the great tutorial at Dora Quilts and she includes a size chart to help!

I am considering

rogue quilter:
And the cutest small project I saw this week  was at Rogue Quilter blog!  Since winter has finally arrived for most of us, a few snow balls seemed perfect to match the temps!  Janet enhanced the tree with extra stitches  and gave such personality to Mr. Snowman.   I don't think I will be in trouble for snatching her photo.  Just in case....go visit her for the details.

Free table runner and pillow Patterns | Snowman Quilt Patterns - Free Applique Patterns for Snowmen: Here's a snowman image if you should happen to need one....hint, hint!

Update:  Janet shared the link for the free pattern  for ''Snowball'' by Kathi Campbell for Heart to here it. 

And with that I will call it a wrap.  Please visit the original source for pinning by following the links provided.

Enjoy....happy stitching.


Béa said...

I love them all XXX

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Three fun projects - thanks for sharing.

Robby H. said...

You've made me rethink bow ties! For me, they seem too fussy when they're small, but I love some of the larger blocks and different layouts on your board. Like I need to be sucked into another project! I'll be keeping an eye on yours for sure.

Janet O. said...

I made a mini bowtie quilt with 1" finished bowties. Don't think I want to make 366 of those! *LOL*
My snowman block is based on a pattern called Snowball, by Kathi at HeartToHand blog. Find her free pattern here...

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm seeing the circles everywhere, it's interesting how people are making the circles personal. I love Remy's quilt, so bright and fun and that snowman is adorable.

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