Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ugly fabric versus special fabric

The minute I call this the ugly fabric, I know someone will say they like it/ have it/ want it/ or designed it!  But this is the ugliest fabric in my closet!  And it is not an old one, even though it reminds me of a 1950's kitchen counter.  I was gifted this along with some other finds from an estate sale by my bargain hunting daughter.  Included in her find that day was a partial bolt of white cotton....perfect for backing.
   I never refuse fabric.....but what would I do with this ugly hunk?

  It landed on the back of this month's Let's Book It project....which is almost finished.   I can't imagine this on the front of any quilt.  For sure, I will not a make circle with it...LOL.

  Anyone else got some really awful and ugly fabric in their stash?

   A special circle fabric.....I could not resist this fabric.  So I ordered enough for a special pillowcase for Remy for his birthday.  Now his dad won't have to bribe him  so he can wash the Star Wars pillowcase.   I know he will be so proud of it with his name in bold letters.
   Of course, there was enough left over to include in the Quilty 365 :)

   I have binding to finish on the string/coin quilt.....I got sidetracked on a smaller project.  Neither one got finished after I bent over and my back went into spasms.  So I am heading to the recliner and Sir Old Man is prepping soup for dinner.   A little rest and I will be back.   Happy stitching.  


  1. I too use ugly fabric on the back of a quilt. However, I have used some ugly stuff on the front of a quilt too. If it's cut up, no one notices and mixed with other fabrics, it just kind of blends in.

  2. I hope your back is better soon! Bonnie always says you just have to cut ugly fabric into small pieces, but sometimes it's a challenge to make the pieces small enough!

  3. Oh yes, those yard sale bags will always yield at least a couple of uglies! But there's always a place for them, even if it's just a quilted kitty quilt. Remy's fabric is great!

  4. I agree that is ugly fabric and I think I had some in a different color which was ugly but not as bad as yours. At least you know where it came from, I have a theory about ugly fabric traveling from person to person until someone finally uses it.

  5. Hahaha. I use my ugly fabrics as backing also. I hate to see them go to waste.

  6. Ha Ha--it does look like something from the 50s, doesn't it? But, hey, it makes a great backing. : )
    I've parted with most of my really ugly stuff, but I'm sure I could still come up with something.

  7. Uglies are good for backs of wallhangings - it faces the wall and no one sees it - or makes for very interesting bindings. And there is the theory of cut it small - skinny strings that give character.

  8. ;-) it sure is ugly. But you are lucky if you have only 1 in your closet.
    I use those ugly one in wallhangings, backside of course and inside pillows.
    But I´m sure even this ugly fabric turns to pretty work in your hands.

  9. To be fair. That fabric looks good as a backing!
    And a great circle - despite the gun lol

  10. I love the color red but had what I thought was some ugly red fabric. I made it into a rope bowl & it turned out so pretty. Your ugly fabric worked perfect for the backing. Remy is going to love the pillow case.

  11. This would fit right in with some of today's modern fabrics! Just last night I was browsing high end fabric online and saw the same colorway several times, and the same kind of shapes, too.


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