Thursday, January 14, 2016

Waste not 3

  A little sewing time yielded a finish!

  Bands of stacked coins and a few strings make a great use it up or waste not style quilt.   Perfect to have on hand for a donation quilt, too.   I used mixed black strings as separator bands for the stacked coins.

  That is one thing Bonnie Hunter mentioned about her scrap quilts......she usually uses one consistent color  in the block/ in the border / or  in the sashing  to bring some unity to all the chaos.  It may not be the same fabric, but the color will be close.    Take a second look at some of her quilts to see what I mean.

  Looking back, I realize I have used the color consistency thing as a design element....just not as much as I should.    For me it is pleasing to the eye.  I often will mix different prints of blue or black or etc for inset strips.

Back to the finish-----
   Quick meandering all over for the quilting gives a soft effect when washed.  And the binding is a long mixture of leftovers from other quilts.

  A little cutting is happening too.....just getting those scraps under control and into usable sizes.  I actually found a place to sort and store them.  I will share more on that as things get into place :)

Remember  Enjoy .....happy stitching.  


  1. Controlling the ever-increasing pile of scraps - every quilter's challenge. This quilt has a wonderful controlled scrappiness, the blues and purples lend it a sweet softness. I'd love to see Bonnie's quilts in person someday.

  2. Great insight from Bonnie. Color choices are a challenge for me.

  3. I love stacked coin quilts. They are a great way to use up "bits" ---and for those "not square" bits you can make "crooked" stacks.

  4. This is a beautifully controlled version of "the more color the better". What a fun quilt that someone will enjoy greatly.

  5. Great coin quilt! and great use of scraps!

  6. A wonderful way to use up odds and ends and leftovers. I really like the different sized rows.

  7. It's really wonderful, I love the different sizes to make it so much more interesting and of course the color!

  8. Great way to use up the scraps... I'm "cutting" through my fabrics, at the moment. Think I'll go through the garbage pail to pick up those little rectangles, well, maybe not...😃Can't decide which WIP to work on, besides I just finished a few quilted tops and need to tidy my space... I like the way you used the black to sash the different columns, but wonder why you bound it with blue?

    1. The binding may look blue....but it is really a mixture of leftover strips from fabrics in the top.


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