Monday, January 4, 2016

Well, that part was easy!

  Finally. something was easy......I found a pin on Pinterest that was my photo.  The problem was it had been cropped---so my Stitchin'  Therapy did not show---and it was linked to another site.  A form of scraping, I would say.  The site it was linked to was forum board---not my blog.  The board did not have my photo on it, so I do not think they were the culprit.

   I immediately sent a complaint to Pinterest  and asked for the photo to be removed.  I had the proof on my blog, so I knew it was scraped.  Reporting the "blog" it was posted on has proved to be is a blogger site covered by Feedly.   I am confused about that part.   I can't find contact info on that blog, but sent off  complaints to several sources to see about getting it removed.    I may not win that one......but Pinterest has removed the pin!  

  And that is why I always encourage you to go to the source when you pin on my Friday Finds.  I borrow photos to show, but always try to give credit to the original source, and a link to the source for details.  If I am ever asked, I will remove the photo.  

 Winter arrived this weekend.....cold and frosty here this morning.  I did the usual chores, and finished pinning three tops to be quilted!  Now to clean up all my little stacks of pulled I can get to Hot Legs!
  Happy stitching.


  1. This sounds somewhat confusing, but at least Pinterest was responsive. I hope you are able to get the rest of it cleared up as well.

  2. Shameful what some will do and I hope it all has a good outcome.

  3. Good to know Pinterest is still on top of things, especially with all of the changes over there. Did you find the original blog it came from? Does it have your watermark on it or was that cropped? I just don't understand blogs stealing content.

  4. Some people know no shame, it seems. Good to hear Pinterest is on top of things and will remove the stolen content. They should remove the entire board, since it's likely other content is also stolen from unsuspecting bloggers.

  5. That is maddening. I haven't come across a problem like that yet, but I am not on Pinterest much. Maybe I should do a little more looking and see what I find. But I rely on people like you to find the good stuff for me. *LOL*


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