Thursday, January 26, 2017

FMQ for the border

  The border was awaiting some stitching on the pineapple blossom quilt.  It kept asking for feathers, and I kept saying "Really?"
  I wanted just a little something different, but knew I needed to practice those feathers after months of not stitching.    I am expected to teach a class in a few months, and I preach practice, practice, practice.

  So can you see what I did?  A section of endless style feathers---those with no-spine and then a diagonal division of sorts.  This section is filled with pebbles....please don't laugh too loudly.  The pebbles around here are irregular and chipped usually, so that is what I was duplicating 😉    This part looks pretty good.

Here's another diagonal slice with a different fill....just wiggle lines.   I just drew on diagonal lines about 1 1 1/2'' apart.  I only used the ruler for the drawing part and the stitching was done free hand, so there is a slight wobble.  

  This was actually the first section of feathers and I was getting back my muscle memory and did a few poor/goofs for stitches.  I chose to keep on going.....a good wash will help hide them.  

  So for today, I got half way around and decided that was enough for now.    We have errands to run tomorrow, so I will finish stitching this over the weekend.  I finished up about 10 more blocks while watching part of quilt-cam with Bonnie Hunter last night.  My stack is growing and the bins seem just as full.....but not as full as the one Bonnie showed.

  I have a new snipping tool app on my computer and I captured this block from a pin I saw recently.  ( I needed to play with it.)   The page link is broken for this pin, so I can't give credit for it.  
   It is simple enough and Valentine's Day is approaching, so I think most of us can figure it out.    A (two patch + strip) = center.  Center +  4 corner triangles = one unit.  Repeat 4 times.  I am sure a math teacher can create a better equation, but you get the idea.
Great for a mug rug for gift, or turn it into a table runner for dinner.    Yikes....time to start dinner.  Happy stitching.


  1. Beautiful FMQ, absolutely beautiful.


  2. Love the feathers - wish I could quilt these on the machine, perhaps I should follow what you say - practice, practice!

  3. You did a great job on your feathers, and the pebbles too! I'm another one who should follow your advice to practice! ---"Love"

  4. Feathers are about my favorite free motion technique, and yours are always so pretty and well balanced, and smooth. I like your idea of breaking them up diagonally with some other motifs for a wide border.

  5. Your quilting looks good to me. I need to do some practice as I have a small art quilt that needs quilted and a large bed quilt that needs quilted also. But practicing first is necessary - especially before the art quilt.

  6. The feathers look terrific- very flowing and moving. The pebbles look like real pebbles, not bubbles. I like the hearts. I am sweating trying to figure out valentine cards myself because I need to make a lot and the expectations keep increasing.

  7. Girl, you've still got it! They look beautiful, congratulations. I like the inserts too, especially the wiggle lines, after the T-Rex quilt I'm not ready for pebbles for a while :)

  8. I like your design approach to the border and I think your feathers and pebbles look great!

  9. Your pebbles look fine. Real pebbles aren't uniformly round. I really need to give feathers a try.

  10. Your border quilting looks amazing. Never have caught on to that spineless form of feather--you do it so well!
    I had just recently wondered if I could whip up something using that little heart block. Maybe I will just watch you do it. : )

  11. Your border on the quilt is really pretty. I like feathers without spines & really like the idea of the diagonal divisions. I also like the little loops transitions to your feathers. Keep up the good work. Nice looking heart blocks. They don't look complicated.


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