Friday, January 13, 2017

Stitching on the 13th


    Nothing unlucky here about the 13th......okay, just a few stitches to unsew, but sewing is a good thing.   And sunshine abounds and circles look good in the sunshine.

   This quilt will be like the "Rest of the Story" to follow the Therapy Quilt.  For now it has no borders and will rest on a hanger until I decide on a finish.  I have an idea or two but nothing solid......just impressions that flash through my mind when I look at it.
  I am sure I will run across something that will inspire me to finish it up.  

  Surprise, surprise......I found a set of strips--florals, you see--- organized and partially sewn together.  I remember beginning the process of selection and arranging in the early part of last year.
   I finished the rows, pressed and made some cuts.  Random cuts of 1 1/2'', 2''. 2 1/2'' are now hanging on the design wall and ready to join.  A lot of columns to join and it will shrink in width quite a bit.  That's okay as I did not find any notes to self with ideas on it.  I will make it up as I go.

   One more thing before I go to start dinner.   A winter blue set of scraps turned into a small pieced table runner. The pattern is from Connie at Freemotion by the River .   I altered it a bit and left off the border.....I ran out of fabric.   But it will be a good one to finish up and donate to the guild for next year's auction.
   Enjoy the weekend and stitch on.


  1. I love seeing those circles come together! So very pretty.

  2. Let those circles sit until inspirations comes - then it will flow. Amazing string work - more intricate than mine for sure.

  3. I love the floral piece. It will totally change personality as you sew the strips together.

  4. Look at you go on those circles!! One day you will know just what to do to finish it to your liking.
    Very pretty set of strips.
    Isn't it a nice sense of accomplishment to make something as pretty as that table runner from scraps?

  5. I like the idea for the floral "make it up as I go along" - I do that a lot.

  6. Sewing and sunshine, that sounds lovely :) I like the floral strips, that's one of the first styles I liked when I started quilting but haven't done. I like the idea of different sized strips and how that will look when it's finished, waiting patiently for that finish, LOL.

  7. Oh, the blues on your table runner are wonderful! It makes me want to run out buy fabric in those shades. I have a batch of emerald greens on order that should show up next week that have a similar intensity.

  8. Oh the floral strips will be so pretty! I'm liking the easy-going pace you have with all of this. I keep thinking I need to rush and get started on more things, finish more things....but, why? I'm convinced the seasons are God's way of pacing us--for me, winter is when I'm supposed to sloooow down! :o)

  9. I love Friday the 13th! I had lunch with an old friend and her mother, then got to see 2 vintage machines. I even came away with a vintage quilt from 1943. Glad your day was nice, too.

  10. Wonderful floral strips all ready to go under the needle! It's beautiful, so pleased you're back into your stitching again.


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