Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer arrived

  Well, summer arrived after so much rain.  The heat moved in this week.  I have been loafing and working on small projects.   I survived both doctor's appointments and tests.  Good news as I have improved enough for the cardio vascular surgeon to say "See you in a year!"  That is great news for me not to fret over every 6 months.    Small just takes forever.


   I wanted a lighter weight bag for summer.  In fact, I wanted a roomier one that I did not have to fight to stuff things into:)  Enter the idea for a zippered tote.  I found the tutorial on  the blog at Sewcanshe.   And I loved the handles she used---she linked to tutorial on creating them. 
   I had a panel print that screamed spring/summer.  Just meant for me as it is a Monet inspired watercolor print.  And I loved the colors.
  Of course, I ran out of fabric for the!  I introduced a design element by piecing two fabrics.   I just used straight lines for quilting and added a long inside pocket for my keys and phone.  Size is 12'' by 15''. 

   And another basket......smaller to hold leader and ender pairs.  Plus I wanted to try a different ending.  I found an idea for a loop that tucks the end works better than the knot. 

   This basket is slightly warped.  I realized I was pulling on the rope to straighten it as I was attaching it.  Don't do that as it will draw the basket in and not have a pretty shape.  So once I realized what I was doing, I  relaxed and just kept sewing.  The end result is okay, only a bit off kilter. 


   I have lots more sets of garlic knot blocks to stitch up.  So now, I have a handy place to toss them as I trim scraps and strips and make up sets. 

   I haven't tackled any quilting in a month.  I have one small quilt pinned, but have lacked the motivation.  Next week is free of appointments and commitments, so I am hoping to move me in that direction. 

Happy stitching. 


Linda Swanekamp said...

So good to hear from you! Monet is one of my favorites. I actually got to see his garden in my once in a lifetime trip in 2001. After I saw his house and garden, I love him even more. Handthrown pots are never purely symmetrical, so your baskets show the hand of the maker.
I am yearning to sew my floral log cabin and some others. I finally finished the baby quilt and curtains. I just got home from cardio rehab where it is always a grit my teeth and sweat for 1 1/2 hours. Three days a week- all that prime quilting time in the morning! PT the other two day for the nerve in the hip. No wonders my machines are crying.
So great to see your work!

Quilting Babcia said...

So good to hear your positive health news! That should help rejuvenate your motivation for new projects. I love your new spring/summer bag, so pretty. As far as I'm concerned your basket is lovely and the handle is a perfect touch.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like your funky handles. The rope bowl is great. It doesn't look wonky to me.

Ray and Jeanne said...

So wonderful you got some good news at the doctor's - you definitely deserve it! I love, love, love your new bag! It is perfect for you. And I should learn to make one of the rope baskets now that you have perfected it - I could use a cute leader/ender holder. Enjoy summer ~Jeanne

Debbie said...

Thanks to all!

Maureen@MysticQuilter said...

Pleased to read about your good news from your medical appointment, it's always good when you're told the time between appointments has been extended.
Neat zippered bag, I've gone along to the link you gave and this is one I think will make a good Christmas present, I'm trying to be organised!!

MissPat said...

Great news on the health front. I'm forever buying floral fabrics that I think will make a wonderful purse and then never get around to making it. I definitely need a slightly bigger purse with more pockets. Even though I carry a small bag with a shoulder strap, every time I reach for something, it is always on the bottom of the bag.

Louise said...

Your tote bag is so fresh and pretty! Thanks for the link to the tutorial; I enjoyed poking around on her extensive site. I really like your rope bowls and need to try that one of these days.

SO happy to hear your good health news!!
louise dot hornor at gmail

Mary said...

I love your new handbag. The colors definitely remind me of you!

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