Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Let's Book It and August ends

  My Let's Book It project was a carry over from July.   I did the quilting this month.,,,,..click here to see the feather wreath post.   For a simple runner using the Hot Dish Chain pattern, it took me long enough!

 I also have a Let's Book It project from the end of June that got set aside.   Very little progress has been made as I just could not get my motivation to work on a big project.  I have tons of squares marked.....I just need to sit and sew to make some headway.

   In the meantime.....I continued with  another project for a gift.  We can class it as another Let's Book It because it is from an older article from a magazine.  I began it as a leader/ender project....here.   Here are a few of the bands of small bricks ready to be joined with white strips.

  Those are my three....and I do have the rail fence variation quilted and ready for binding.  It will get done next month.

 Oh, wait I forgot those tool rolls....LOL.....they consumed the last few days.
  August was busy enough with  a couple of family visits, and a trip to Michigan to see our daughter and the Dream Cruise on Woodward. And the visit to the dentist for the cracked crown happened.

   That means September is arriving, and I know it was just May!   One great thing about September is the return of this...Pumpkin Spice coffee from the Fresh Market.  Yum!   I pulled out a new mug rug and my favorite cup  in anticipation of my favorite evening brew.

I'll be enjoying a cup as I get going on my September plans.

  • Binding the rail fence variation.
  • Sewing triangles for the Birds in the Air project.
  • Continue with the leader/ender gift project.
  • De-cluttering the magazine pile....it is way to large and needs to be reduced.  I feel the need for a project using florals/watercolor/value, so I am on the hunt for ideas.  Ripping pages out of magazines is therapeutic too!
Linking with Vroomans Quilts for the Let's Book It project.  Be sure to check it out.   Happy stitching.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Finished Tool Rolls

  My first post on the tool roll for Sir Old Man is here.
  I finished up the binding and added the ties to the first one.  As I was satisfied with the result, it was on to the next two.  Thanks to some  chain sewing, the assembly went fairly quickly.  The ties were simply folded over and top stitched like tote bag handles.  It is great to have quilting techniques carry over to other types of sewing!

  It wasn't long before Sir Old Man brought up those chisels and began to stuff that roll!  You can see how large the handles are here, and the safety guards on the tips.

   This set of chisels are the super duper, very expensive ones.  To protect the tips  he stores them in PVC pipe cut to length.   To create some ease or fullness to accommodate the PVC sheath, I  added  extra width to the pocket and gathered in the fullness.  I used a French seam instead of binding on the bottom.

  A flap was added to the top to prevent the chisels from slipping out of the tool roll.  Again, I used a French seam on the top.   The binding was only added to the sides.

   Both rolls filled according to size with a little room to spare.....I don't think it will be long before he fills them up.
   The fabrics are heavy canvas and the brown one is the protective layer for which Carhartt is famous.  It is used as the outer layer on firemen's turnouts/protective wear.....that much I know.

   My Janome sewed perfectly through it all.  I was worried that it might not handle the 8 to 10 layers on the binding, but we sewed without a hitch.    I did change my needle when all was done...grin!  I have binding to add to a quilt.

Happy stitching.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Doll quilt time!

  This week just got away from me, so I apologize to Mrs. Claus for being late with this post.  But as Mrs. Claus is extremely busy right now, I think she will understand :)

From Mrs. Claus of Wisconsin, aka Sister Sue of the Our Circle of Friends, sent along 2 doll quilts.  She used adorable prints for the front and that heavenly purple on the back.  It is a soft flannel and will be enjoyed and cuddled I know.
Thank you, Mrs. Claus.

From Mrs. Claus of Illinois came three doll quilts.  She also is a member of Our Circle of Friends.  Both of these are whole cloth quilts in colors that zing!

Her third quilt is bright and cheery with that purple border I love!  In her note, Mrs. Claus said that a customer at the bank where she works, saw the doll quilts and brought her in a bag of scraps the next day.  How great is that!
Thank you, Mrs. Claus----and I will add a label for you.

From Mrs. Claus of Ohio, aka Malou on the Our Circle of Friends, made this very cute doll quilt.  She used a cute panel print  and framed it with a striped pattern print.  I think it is just adorable.  Her quilt represents the state of Virginia.
  Thank you, Mrs. Claus.

   From Mrs. Claus of NC, a big box arrived!  She is a great supporter of this project.....and a very busy Mrs. Claus.   Opening her box was like Christmas.    The first 3 are cute scrap quilts accented with tiny rosettes!  I enjoy her choice of bright colors in these.

The next group from Mrs. Claus of NC included this group of quilts.....a 4 patch, a hexagon, a split square, and one of bricks!  The variety is just delightful in these.

  Three more from her.....I knew there had to be one with purple!   And if you look close you will see that she used big-stitch quilting by hand on most of these.  I can't decide if the triangles or the coin quilt is my favorite here.

Just a photo of the detail Mrs. Claus of NC, Jo added.  A tiny label and crocheted rosette on the back, along with tiny rosettes on the front.

  The last two are covered in snowflakes....sparkling and beautiful. They lead  me to share part of this Mrs. Claus' email story......
    She recalled memories of her Mom wrapping gifts for kids in the neighborhood, saying they were from Santa.  As a young child she could not understand how gifts arrived unwrapped at her house.   Her mother explained that sometimes Santa needed help from us, and that Santa was someone who loved us.  she ended by saying she quilted these with love and hopes the children will feel the love sent their way.
  Isn't that just perfect!  Her sweet memory explains what this is all about.  A little help and a lot of love shared by quilters, who are a Mrs. Claus.  Thank you all.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A tool roll?

   I'm  still nursing a sore jaw and gum line from the dental work.  Instead of running away to hide in my misery,  I have just been working  to  clean the work area up.    Really, I am better, just don't tell Sir Old Man.  I like to milk it for all the sympathy I can get.
   Today I tackled a tool roll.   Actually, this will be a tool roll for wood chisels......at the request of Sir Old Man.    I had asked Deana to see if she could clean up the scrap bin at work for some heavy pieces for this project for her Dad.  He wanted a custom size roll for the expensive wood chisels that he has acquired.

  I brought back the fabrics she found for me to use......and today was figure out a design, see if it worked, and then make it day.

  My first "test" out of thin shirting saved me a big disaster because it did not work.   I made a visit to Pinterest for ideas.   I refined my design, and headed to the workshop to check the size  of the chisels again.  Sure enough I needed to increase the dimensions and add in some fullness to the pockets.   This first one still needs a side binding and the ties.  Then I can move on to the second one  to fit another set of chisels.  By the time I get to the third one---gift for the Pesky Elf---I should have it figured out.

   The doll quilts are rolling in.....I will be doing a big post on them in a couple of days.  Mrs. Claus has been very busy.    Every story that comes with them is just wonderful, and touches the heart.
  OK, I am done for the day.....after I cook dinner and all that stuff.   Happy stitching.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Follow up on feather wreath

 A couple of weeks ago I showed my attempt at a feather wreath.  That post is here .   I noted that the pencil lines were visible and the gray bobbin thread was poking up in places....but thought a good wash would solve both of those items.

  The table runner got finished and a gentle wash......and yep, the marks are gone.   Of course with a dish or two on it, they would not have been noticed anyway...lol.

  With a washing  the dark dots from the bobbin thread also disappeared.  Just enough shrinkage to take care of that.  This also shows that the outer plumes are much larger than the center ones.....practice needed.  But now that I understand how to get the effect, I can work on getting more symmetry and uniform sizes.

  The pattern is  Hot Dish chain variation.  I used a blue fabric for the binding.
The runner is about 48'' long.

 Another view just to show off the brass candle lantern  that Deana got for Sir Old Man.   Isn't that a neat shape?

  Tomorrow I face the dentist to begin the replacement of the cracked crown.  I have multiple reasons for not wanting to do this, the very least being I will be drooling for a few hours afterwards.  It takes a long time for the "shots" to wear off for me......so yes, I am a big baby when you mention dentist.  I have decided to have a great week in spite of tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  Happy stitching. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Finds


Just a couple of things I spotted to share.  This one is a great reference to a big variety of sources.  It comes from Quilt Inspiration and is full of free patterns. 

Bags, tote, purses, laptop cases.....it is all linked here.  There should be a pattern for everyone.  I actually have made a couple of these and thought this was a wonderful resource to pin and keep.  

2015/2016 Calendar by Amy Ellis - AmysCreativeSide.com

A little bit of organizing help.   Amy at Amy's Creative Side posted a printable calendar designed to help keep our quilting/blogging activities straight.  I thought this was a great idea!   
 I can print off the months, make my plans and lists to post in the sewing room.  This is great for those of us who teach or do demos.
 Thanks, Amy.  

Frixion pen
I am not trying to open a debate, but I found this article and wanted to pass it on.
From Quilt Skipper......The Frixon pens that are a late rage for marking quilts are GEL pens.  The mark may fade or disappear with heat, but that gel stays in the fabric.   An interesting read.
  Note:  I only mark with a pencil, very lightly.  If my stitching is good, you won't notice it.  And if you see it....you know I needed help. 

Hope you find something of interest today.  As always, pin from the original source.   My Pinterest boards are here .  I have reorganized a couple of the boards and broken them down into smaller groupings.   Just to confuse and keep it interesting....lol.  I am off to a local quilt show today and looking for inspiration.   Happy stitching.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

In the mail

I have some little lovelies to share that arrived this week.  Opening the squishy envelopes is always a treat.....you never know what you might find inside.

  From Mrs. Claus in Maryland, aka as AngelaC of the Our Circle of Friends groups.  I know we all have seen or used these pre-printed panels.....they were so popular and I still love them.  Thanks, Mrs. Claus of Maryland, these are just perfect.

From Mrs. Claus of NY....aka PCH of the Our Circle of Friends group.  She is a new Mrs. Claus....with a stash of Sun Bonnet Sue panels.   I love the variety of old fashion prints in these.

   I love the special setting Mrs. Claus devised to showcase the smaller size of Sun Bonnet Sue in these two.   I gain such inspiration of all of the doll quilts.

From Mrs. Claus of Florida, aka cksrtt of the Our Circle of Friends group.   She found this fabric in a grab bag at a local show....and made two reversible quilts.

 Mrs. Claus said she was sick at their retreat, but put together crumbs and featured fabric in these two day brighteners.
  Note her quilting.....she used decorative stitches to accent them all.  Very creative, too.

And look how she used her crumbs and "100 piece" strips for these.  Those bits and pieces  are fun to examine and discover.

Sweet pinwheels from cksrtt, too.  This is always a favorite pattern.

Thank you, Mrs. Claus of Florida.  Enjoy your retirement and stitch away!

  I shared the story of Mrs. Claus of Nebraska before our trip, and managed to post her last donations.  Sadly, I heard upon our return that Carole lost her final battle last Friday.  She was well loved and will be missed by her many friends.
  I was contacted by Judy at Patchwork Times who wanted to share the Mrs. Claus project/adventure on her blog.  Judy was a friend of Mrs. Claus of Nebraska, and thought she could honor the memory of our friend by seeking more Mrs. Claus quilters.   She did and my mail box has been full ever since!  So once again, I get overwhelmed by the giving spirit of quilters.  Thank you....Mrs. Claus has taught me well how important others are in our lives.
Happy stitching.
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