Friday, July 22, 2016

Second week of rehab

Another week done. I walked about 380 steps yesterday and tackled steps and fine motor skills.  Finally I have more energy because of the healthier cells being produced from the vitamin B12. My doctor is on vacation next week so that's   a hint I will be here a while longer   
  Mentally I am much better.  I only ask in prayer for exactly what I need for the day. When the therapist ask me to do  anything I just do it. That is the only  way home. 
  I still have no feeling in feet and hands are numb.  But one day I dream of having  pain free sensations    I am learning to use that thing called muscle memory. Funny it should rear its head again. Strong muscle memory will help me walk out the door and back home soon. 
  Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers. Each day I rely upon them. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

OK-Rehab week one

OK ---One week update:  I have settled in doing 3>4 hours of PT and OT daily. Some days it is one step forward and the next day may be a step backwards.
 Not sure if the diagnosis came across. I had total depletion of  B-12 in my body which controls or regulates everything!! For my breakfast it is 25 vitamin pills and two vitamin shots O Boy such a tasty breakfast.
I still have no sense of touch in either my hands or feet making it hard to stand and walk properly or my hands to grasp anything. I want to go home so bad. I do whatever they ask of me and try my hardest in every task. Everything has to be relearned .  
 Thanks everyone for your continued prayers and support. You keep my strength up.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hello from my space in Rehab

I was  transferred to a rehab unit yesterday from the main hospital.  I've been in a chair for a few hours just to see if my balance is functioning yet---not quite working.  Thank you all so much for your prayers to lift and encourage me.  I never dreamed that everything would turn upside down.
For now just let me say how much I appreciate each one of you. I have tough days ahead and intend to do what ever is required. I am very tired now but just wanted to give thanks for all of you.

Love and Hugs

Friday, July 8, 2016

Deb Health update

Good Morning,
Just a quick update on Deb's health. When all else we can do fails, Prayers and the Lord take over!!!!
 As you know Deb went in to have surgery which went well. All the after effects is where the problems started. O2 and BP not stable. Ended up in ER twice and CVICU twice before two Doctors said her symptoms sounded like vitamin B-12 deficiency . Ran tests and found she very little in her system. One Dr commented that is the lowest he had ever seen in a person and still be alive . He started listing symptoms and Deb was going Yes,Yes..... Started B-12 shots five days ago and is slowly starting see it starting to work. Hopefully the hosp is looking to transfer Deb to a rehab wing to start PT/OT
 Thank You for your continued Prayers

Sir Old Man      

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Prayers Needed

Surgery did not go quite as planned. I am still in the hospital since Wednesday ,at least in a room instead in one of the ICUs. Please PRAY that I can return home soon as it is very important to me and your prayers help. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Finds.....finally

  I sure haven't shared anything in a while, yet I have pinned up a few things.

   I see so many quilters making house blocks.  This one is a good reference for an assortment of blocks.  It is from Quilt Inspiration and provides a lot of links.  I am sure you will find inspiration there!

Garden Fence Block Tutorial | Freemotion by the River:
Connie at Freemotion by the River recently shared her block for the Garden Fence block.....along with some cute variations.  She has a pdf file for download as well as this handy instruction card to print out.   This is one I am putting on my list of small projects to make......soon I hope.

Fine-Tuning the Stitch & Flip with Bonnie Hunter - C&T Publishing:

Bonnie Hunter recently did a guest post at C and T Publishing on her technique for perfecting the sew and flip triangles.  It is worth the time to read.  Her details are great.

I love this string quilt!  Great contrast and a good mix of color.  This is from facebook by Ruthie Reynoso on Pat Sloan's quilt along.    I hope she doesn't mind my sharing her quilt.  No pattern given, or really needed, just good idea here!

As for me..,.,.,I am off for surgery pre-op tests this morning.  The CT went in, I did not cause the machine to malfunction this time.  I met with the surgeon and surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday the 22nd.  He will clean out the  right artery and improve my brain function.   Once I recover, then we move on to neurosurgeon for back/spine repair.  Or what ever it takes.   The left leg is weaker/less feeling/less control this week.  I know not a good thing, but wheelchair assistance  gets me to PT anyway.   "Tighten the tummy. tuck in the behind, shoulders back, remember to breath, and now walk".......that's my lesson for the week.  
Enjoy the weekend and happy stitching.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Another student finish!

  I taught a class for my local guild just before all the health issues began in May.  I shared their class progress here in this post.   One student,  Joan, and I emailed back and forth a few times as she worked to finish up her project.

   Today she shared it with me.   Pretty fantastic, I say!   I love her accents, and the overflow of the design into the border.
  The strong darks make the entire piece shimmer.  Such a great job.

Joan is a great designer of quilted garments.  Here is the link to her website.....Figure Flattering Quiltwear.   Be sure to  visit her site for some great eye candy designs and patterns.
Thanks for sharing your finish and letting me post the final finish.

  As for me, things are much the same.  Two finger typing is slow going.  The medications have helped reduce the pain..,,.,if only I could stay awake long enough to enjoy it.  Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, and extra notes and cards.  They mean a lot.   Happy stitching.
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