Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bee Night and gift 61

All 6 of us gathered at Shelia's last night for bee.  Over delicious chili and corn muffins we carried on about what happened this past week.  It was fun, and then Shelia gave me a birthday gift that almost brought me to tears.  It's a key fob so you can always find your keys, and it has a cardinal on it.  How very sweet and special this is to me.  Thank you, Shelia, for being in my life.
And then there was the elephant garlic .....she sent her husband to the store for 8 large cloves of garlic.  He returned with 8 packages of elephant garlic.  He got exactly what she asked for.  Understand that each one has 4-5 large cloves itself...see the photo.  So Shelia gave each of us a package of elephant garlic.  What a hoot! 
The blue item in the background is a Versadisk that Shelia got me too.  Apparently  it's the latest "non-quilting" quilt-y item.  Sit on it rather than a pillow and it improves posture and eases back issues.  I think I will name it the quilter's whoopee cushion.   Sarge instructed me to sit down carefully as it can throw you off the chair.   I tried it and it is great.
Finally there is the book, with a catch to it of course.  Shelia issued a challenge to the Bee.  Make a project from this book, Hand Applique by Machine, by April.   Oh boy,  not exactly in my favorite box here.  The projects are small--thank goodness-- and fairly simple in design.   And at least they are floral and that is a plus for me.  
Ok, enough blogging, I have fabric to wash and cut,  and a border to attach. 

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