Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Challenge and Zentangles

I love it when an inspiration hits! 
The two fabric circles in the photo are the basis of our guild challenge for 2010.  Sarge referred to it as "the circle of creativity" challenge.  After 5 months of un-inspiration, I came up with the zentangle (drawn on paper) on the right in the photo and a plan for my challenge entry.
The creative thought process......
First:  I really don't do circles in my quilting, or rather in my piecing.  So that was my block.  BLOCK--exactly!  I needed to be able to put the circle in a block or rectangle, something with straight edges.
Second:  Next thought that clicked....zentangles.  Zentangles are  really just doodles and suppose to have a calming influence, which I needed.   And I have always liked pen and ink type drawings. 
 Third:   So, why not take a section of the pattern in the circle and use it in a zentangle?  And create movement by using the curve of the circle.   Then fill in the background with "stippling" like quilting free motion.
Thus the example on paper is the first zentangle using elements from the two fabric circles and now the basis of my challenge.   Wait.....the  challenge needs to be quilted item!  Not made of paper. 
Fourth:  How do I get the zentangle design to fabric.  Applique--no way.  Scan and print onto Printed Treasures--possible but costly and difficult to work with.  Paint--messy.  How about ink, that's it.  Use Pigma pen to draw and color in the zentangles directly onto fabric. 
Fifth:  I used freezer paper to stabilize the solid color fabrics I pulled from my stash.  I selected colors that were close to the colors in the challenge squares and ironed them to freezer paper.  Next, I drew different size squares and rectangles on the fabric.  While watching 24 (I just love Chloe and  have to see Jack save the world) last night, I doodled 3 of these zentangles. 
Yes, these are done free hand....didn't even know I could draw!  I did use a round plate to create the first curved  line to begin, but the rest of the doodles are just parts of the design from the fabric.  I really like the bamboo leaves. 
Tonight I plan on doing a couple more on blue fabric.   The design for the layout is not completely formed in my head, only a vague idea so far.  But since I have some focus, I am sure it will come together.
So thank you to Delia for giving me inspiration!
Happy stitching.


Delia (Del) said...

WOW Debbie you have got up and run with it and inspiring us all.

Carol said...

What a fascinating process. Love it.

juanita said...

You so can draw! I'd like to see where you go with these designs. Very striking!

Shirley said...

I love these, Debbie- great job, Shirley

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