Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exercises for creativity?

I have all four strip sets of the french braid done and up on the design wall.  Right now I am auditioning fabric to be used in the separator bands.  I originally thought I would piece the separator bands, but now I think not.  I have two different batiks that have strong dark and light areas and I will probably choose one of them to use by itself.  That's why it is still on the design wall....each time I walk in and look at it, I change my mind on the selection!  I have plenty of small projects to do, so there is no rush in deciding. 
I read through the first chapter in the Art Quilt Workbook that came in the mail yesterday.  Elin (one of the authors) was right in her comment, I am going to enjoy working through it. I thought it was so neat that she found my blog and left a comment. 
The first chapter briefly covered design principles---like I mentioned in an earlier post.  In the section on visual elements of design, one statement jumped out at me. Line direction communicates movement and direction.  Horizontal lines are calm and passive.  That was how I felt about the horizontal layout design in my Turning 60 quilt....a very calming effect!  
And the section on the creative process is great.  My post on my creative thought process for the guild challenge  explained how I got through my block.  Little did I know that there are a lot of ways to get past this.  And this section gives me insight to other ways to improve my creativity and get over the wall/block/stump/mountain!  First step is to do the  first exercise they suggest, which is word play.    Got my plan, now I need to get to work.
Happy stitching.

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