Friday, January 29, 2010

Introducing Remy from Clarke's Cove....

 Not much sewing this week, as I have been watching my nephew, Remy.
 Remy just turned one year old and is such a joy.  He loves Clemson, where his big brother is a junior, and is dressed in Clemson orange.  Today he helped Uncle Russ fill the bird feeders before the winter weather moves in, and visited the "old man's garage" to play on the tractor and in the mustang.  He will carry an old cell phone around for hours and loves the TV remotes.   We get to spoil him and that is the fun part!
  Jen, Remy's mom, is out of state for a wedding this week.  And today the mail brought us a package from her.  Jen is an artist and makes wall art out of natural and found materials....old crab traps, driftwood, fishing nets, etc.  She customizes each one and ours is no exception.  We just love it.    The small boat on the dock is named "SS stitch and sew"!
So special.  
 Thank you, Jen and Dan.

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Exuberant Color said...

What a cutie! that look on his face in the second photo "Do you have to take another picture?"....... They are so much fun at that age.

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