Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Featherweight Story

I nicknamed my featherweight "Stinkpot".  Three  reasons for the name.  First, my Dad, who always found a nickname for everyone, called my daughter "Stinkpot".  I think it was in reference to the diapers!  And second, it was Deana who bought the featherweight at a yard sale while she was in college in Philadelphia.  I think she paid $28 for it.   And third, when I opened the case, it smelled bad!  I have read that it is very typical of the old machine cases....lots of mold, etc.  A little vinegar cleaning and baking soda helped rid the smell.
Deana stayed in Philly after college and worked for several years.  The featherweight was given to me to keep for her until she had room for it.  Then in 2001, my machine died and I bought a replacement that I was not happy with as it spent a lot of time in the shop being repaired.  In frustration I pulled the featherweight out and  got it cleaned and oiled and it sewed like a dream.  Such beautiful even stitches on that tiny thing.  I pieced a king size top on it that summer.  
Then life deaths, selling a house, moving to a new one, that kind of thing.  The featherweight was moved too and stored in the closet of the new sewing room.  When I got back to stitching again,  I bought a mechanical Janome for $200, rather than deal with the machine I did not like.  But at a workshop a year later, the Janome began to make horrible a jack hammer.    Could it be time for another machine?  Or did I just need a lighter weight machine to haul around to workshops and Bee night?
Light Bulb moment...... I had the perfect machine for classes and taking to Bee, the featherweight! 
That was probably 3 years ago and the featherweight is used on a regular basis now.  And several of the  girls at Bee have found their  own featherweights, too. 
Two years ago, Russ bought me a padded case to carry Stinkpot in, and she went with us to the mountain cabin for Christmas this year.   Oh, and I researched the history of this specific machine (see the links section for featherweight info).....she was made in Scotland in 1949.  I'm a little silly about such things....I was born in 1949 too, so I know she was meant for me. 

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Carol said...

Aren't the old Singers great :0
I had to leave mine behind when I left Scotland :(
I'm impressed that you managed to sew a king size quilt on "Stinkpot".

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