Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scrappy Mountains

Scappy Mountains is ready for a border.  I really like the colors and design of this one.  I realized another thing about my quilting insights last night as I was pressing this top.  I like the simple--easy piecing--blocks that let the fabric or color do the work!  I used  a lot of tone on tone fabrics for the darks and the lights included some pattern prints.  I auditioned a few border colors and decided on a tone on tone turquoise blue.  I will use a black insert strip about 1 1/2" around the mountains to stop the pattern. 
With the  method ( from  for delectable mountains, you get nice points and easy to match blocks.  What appears difficult is very simple to contruct.  I love the sharp points that look like I worked very hard to get.  An accurate 1/2 inch seam and careful squaring up of the block is all it really required.  And is was all pieced on the featherweight!
I ordered more fabric from this morning.  I had  a birthday coupon to use and needed black fabric and found some on sale for half price.  Seemed like a no-brainer to me.  Russ ordered more tools this week, and I order fabric....that way we are both happy.

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